India is a world away, but culturally, one restaurant in Wynwood says it’s never been closer … because in Wynwood, authentic Indian dishes meet traditional Indian entertainment. Deco’s world cultural ambassador, Alex Miranda, a jack of all trades, has more.

At Rishtedar, the atmosphere will get you first, and then the food. But stick around for special themed nights, where cultural immersion is also on the menu.

Rishtedar is as authentic as it is hot.

Ninad Patil: “All the spices, we get from India.”

And I don’t just mean the spicy foods, which they offer four levels of.

Alex Miranda: “Some people like their spice. Some people don’t like their spice. So who can handle level four?”

Ninad Patil: “People handle it, believe me. Every single day, people are like, ‘spicy level four.’ More than 50.”

I’m like a two, but hot or not, the chic Indian restaurant — hailing all the way from, of all places, Santiago, Chile — has made Wynwood its new home.

Ninad Patil: “We do everything from the scratch.”

Alex Miranda: “No Applebee’s.”

Ninad Patil: “No Applebee’s.”

Enjoy traditional Indian flavors on your plate, including…

Ninad Patil: “Jhinga curry, we cook with coconut milk and fresh coconut and freshly caught shrimp

Or how about…

Ninad Patil: “Goa chili bacon. Batter fry eggplants with the sweet and sour chili sauce.”

And, of course, there’s…

Sloane O’Cone: “The lobster marsala. It’s amazing. The lobster absorbs all the yummy spices, so, just satisfying all the Indian cravings.”

But the rest is a feast for every other sense, especially on their Bollywood Nights … starring a dancer so entertaining, she could be the lead in her own Bollywood movie.

Sloane O’Cone: “It’s like this whole other added experience. My cousin was balancing a sword on her head.”

Or Bollywood-inspired music video?

Alex Miranda: “Excuse me. Where was my review?”

Sloane O’Cone: “It was amazing, with the whole scarf, everything, the little shimmy.”

Alex Miranda: “So you were watching?”

Moving on to Mehndi Nights, when you can celebrate the art of henna, with artist Jade Maxx.

Jade Maxx: “This will last you for two weeks, maybe.”

Alex Miranda: “Oops! I made a commitment!”

And it’s free.

Ninad Patil: “From the house.”

A house that will make you feel right at home, from the very first step.

Sloane O’Cone: “You walk in the door, they give you your bindi. You know, they say namaste. You;re just like automatically transported to the whole entire culture of India, which makes it so much fun.”

This Friday is Bollywood night, and the Friday after that will be Mehndi night.

232 NW 24th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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