These days, people are thinking twice before traveling overseas. What if you could enjoy the sights, sounds and foods of foreign lands without leaving SoFlo?

Dinner in Rome sounds great. Dessert in Paris. Take a lover in Spain. Oh, wait, no, that’s a different story, but it all sounds really good, right?

Don’t worry if you can’t get away, because Atmos is bringing the best of the rest of the world to your table.

Don’t be jealous of these folks. They’re not really eating dinner off the coast of Italy. They’re chowing down on authentic European dishes at Atmos immersive dining, inside Fort Lauderdale’s Sistrunk Marketplace.

Adrian Vargas: “It’s a new concept, a new virtual dining experience. The way that we do this, there is nothing like it in the U.S.”

What makes it so unique is the mix of technology with top shelf food.

Adrian Vargas: “We projection map the entire room, including the table. This first show is a Euro tour, and we take you to five countries, five different courses.”

Here’s how the show goes. If the first course is grilled Portuguese octopus, the walls are covered with footage of Portugal. When it’s time for Spanish shrimp, you’re surrounded by the architecture and music of Spain.

The tasty tour also includes bouillabaisse from France, lasagna from Italy and lamb from Greece.

Dessert wasn’t the product of any one country. It was the Atmos version of s’mores, and would have made Thanos proud.

It’s only fitting that Atmos opened with a Euro tour, since that’s where the idea of immersive dining came from.

Adrian Vargas: “This technology’s been around in Europe and in Asia, and we decided to get together and bring this to the U.S.”  

Diners get to experience different cuisines and admire famous landmarks, without having to pack a bag or book a flight.

Adrian Vargas: “They get a real taste of each country. They get a good sampling of everything from each area.”

Leslie Casey: “Atmos was an extraordinary experience. The food was fantastic, the music was incredible, and all of the locations that we visited were breathtakingly beautiful.”

The Euro tour is just the start. Atmos has big plans for food travelers over the next few months.

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