Miami is a mad house this week in the best way. Well, aside from the traffic. Art is popping up everywhere, and not just at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Deco’s Alex Miranda walked through the right door for this story.

Art Basel is much more than just expensive bananas. This week, Miami is the world’s modern art mecca! But Arlo Hotel in Wynwood says…

Jennifer Hiblum: “We love the physicality… Haha! Sorry!”

Jennifer meant to say phygital art, but the new word, which combines physical and digital, is just too funny.

Jennifer Hiblum: “So down for phygital. Haha!”

And artist Brooke Einbender is a pioneer.

Brooke Einbender: “What you see here I created in virtual reality, so I was wearing a VR headset, and I had remote controls in my hand.”

Alex Miranda: “So we’re talking metaverse stuff, right?”

Brooke Einbender: “Yes.”

Whose “The Unknown Zone” exhibition is now on display at Arlo’s third floor lounge, Higher Ground.

Brooke Einbender: “Everything you see is a paint brush stroke. But I’m painting with digital ink.”

It all started with — of all things — a concussion.

Brooke Einbender: “I got a new dog. I saw he had something in his mouth, and I tried to jump over the puppy gate and completely missed and slammed my head against a wood column.”

But the recovery did give Brooke time to reflect on her true passion: art.

Brooke Einbender: “This is my moment to take that leap and step into the unknown.”

The doors are symbolic of that.

Brooke Einbender: “They don’t make doors like this anymore, with the molding, and that’s what’s fun about this project: collecting pieces that would have gone to the landfill.”

Alex Miranda: “I would like to wear it to Miami Beach Pride. Could I borrow the door?”

Look at this stuff — isn’t it neat?

Brooke Einbender: “I collect screws and pieces of hardware and transform them into beautiful designs. It creates a play on hard and soft.”

Sure does.

Jennifer Hiblum: “Alex, pay attention.”

Alex Miranda: “What? It’s just so comfortable.”

But it is Basel, so other artists are also marking their territory.

Alex Miranda: “And now artist…”

Groundbreaking artist! …Pablo Puppy-sco.

Alex Miranda: “… wants to tell you about this mural.”

Pablo Puppy-sco: “I was inspired by the skies of Barcelona, when I relieve myself in the park.”

Alex Miranda: “Amazing. I mean a visionary in his time.”

Pablo Puppy-sco: “Get me a puppuccino, you idiot.”

Someone, grab the elevator to the lobby, which Brooke also transformed.

Brooke Einbender: “I took high rise images of my oil paintings to create these heart-opening, mind-expanding portals.”

Alex Miranda: “In other words: trippy, right?”

Brooke Einbender: “Exactly.”

But no rush!

Jennifer Hiblum: “Actually, you don’t even have to come during Basel. Most of her artwork will be on exhibit with us through the end of the year.”

“The unknown zone” is open to the public and free.


Arlo Wynwood
2217 NW Miami Ct., Miami, FL 33127

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