Brush off your worries and create something beautiful. Creatives at ARTbition will be gathering at the Miami Design District. Going down Saturday and Sunday, this pop-up brings together the trendiest of Latin America. Here’s a sneak peek for ya.

Colliding different ways to express beauty is the goal at ARTbition.

Reinaldo Giraldo, founder of ARTbition: “ARTbition is a mix of two worlds: art and ambition. That mix of everything that we want to have. Doesn’t matter if this is a painting, clothing or jewelry, it’s that ambition to have that beauty and nice stuff.”

This two-day free event will house everything nice inside, and outside, at the Pink Church in the Miami Design District.

Reinaldo Giraldo: “They’re going to be seeing all the designers from Latin America, over 25 designers that are coming from Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We’re going to see Linda Liz and some of my own designs, Rei Giraldo. We’ll have these two fashion shows.”

Rei’s collection is resort, Miami style.

Reinaldo Giraldo: “I use from natural silk — natural silk, natural fabrics — to some polyester from recycled plastic from the ocean. I do all my own prints. Everything that has a print in my brands is designed by myself.”

If you’re feeling bendy, try this flexible look.

Linda Liz Diaz, designer of 33-3: “My brand is 33-3 by Linda Liz. It’s an athleisure swimwear brand, and we take pride in having a sustainable brand that approaches fashion in a very innovative way and with a lot of purpose, meaning many of our styles you can use multi-use, and then we also do reversible styles.”

Sisterhood is always on Linda’s mind.

Linda Liz Diaz: “We have over 22 styles. When I design the collection, it’s not only for my sister, but all my soul sisters as well. So whenever I’m designing, I make sure to really cater to everyone.”

This talent wants to invite you to do some yoga as well.

Linda Liz Diaz: “April 28th, it’s at 10:30 a.m., and we’ll have a beautiful morning doing yoga and journaling and just being soulful together.”

Another soul full of art is local photographer Juan Pablo Castro. He’s showing off his work at the event.

Juan Pablo Castro: “Photography is like taking a moment in time, and I think time is one of the most precious things, so it’s very important to be able to register that part in people’s life.”

Shopping for world-class pieces in this bubble gum-colored spot is the vibe.

Juan Pablo Castro: “I don’t think people should lose the opportunity to see what real talent is, especially Latinos. Very nice crowd and very nice people working together.”

ARTbition Fashion Week
195 NW 40th St.
Miami, FL 33127
April 27-28

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