Art With Me is celebrating its third year here in South Florida with festival highlights of food, drinks, music and so much more. Here’s a preview of this year’s big event.

Matt Caines: “Art With Me Festival is a celebration of the creative arts, it’s a three-day, day-into-night festival.”

The event is set to take place at Virginia Key Historic Park.

David Graziano: “We’re an event that is designed to inspire people for positive change. Celebrating the creative arts means we will celebrate any highly creative process, whether it be making a drink, a plate of food, music or a performance.”

So, basically anything for a party.

The festival started in Tulum, Mexico a few years ago and is hitting Miami for a third year.

Matt Caines: “We like to think of it as art outside the box; it’s in nature, and it’s family-friendly.”

Art With Me brings people together to experience the six pillars.

David Graziano: “The six pillars are part of the overall experience. They were built around the idea of us wanting to build a well-balanced lifestyle around the festival. We have Art With Me, which is the art programming. We have ‘Breathe With Me’ is the wellness. ‘Dance With Me’ is our music programming. ‘Eat With Me’ is our food and wine.”

Let’s not forget about the kids!

David Graziano: “We have ‘Play With Me’ for the kids’ programming, and ‘Care With Me’ is our foundation. Although the same six pillars will always be the same, it’s a constant evolution, as every year each one of those pillars’ programming is evolving and growing.”

Matt and David know there are many choice events to attend this weekend, but say you won’t regret coming to theirs.

David Graziano: “We offer the most complete experience of any event happening this weekend. So, anybody interested in having something outdoor open-air and not super dense with people, I think this is a great complete option amongst one of the most beautiful natural spots in Miami.”

For more information and tickets, visit the event website.

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