Apple TV+’s new series “Shrinking” tackles grief with humor and with heart. Jason Segel isn’t handling the loss of his wife in the best way, and he’s a therapist. Jason throws himself into work hoping that if he helps his patients, he can eventually heal himself.

“Shrinking” brings together an interesting cast of characters.

The show stars Jason Segel, Harrison Ford and Jessica Williams.

It’s about a no nonsense therapist who’s not afraid to speak his mind, while also dealing with his own personal tragedy.

Jason Segel: “That’s the kind of comedy I’ve always liked doing, is where you kind of use comedy and humor to let your audience’s defenses lower, and then you hit them with some real kind of left-handed emotion.”

“Shrinking” is from the mind of executive producer Brett Goldstein, who also stars as Roy Kent on “Ted Lasso.” He says it’s all about balance.

Brett Goldstein: “That’s the challenge and the fun of it, is you’re constantly finding that you find it script level. Then, when you’re on set, you get the actors to do a heavier take, a lighter take, so you have options.”

The actors found that balance almost immediately.

Neil Goldman: “You lean into just what they’re bringing to each character and their voice.”

Jessica Williams: “They said that they were open to collaborating to figure her out, and they were open to, you know, kind of having improvisation on set.”

And the chemistry between them was also there from the very beginning.

Jason Segel: “I’m surrounded by the best cast. I’m like the luckiest guy in the world. There’s this like leap of faith when you’re doing comedy where you throw something out. And then you’re like, will this be met? And Jessica Williams, for example, Harrison Ford, I have these scenes with them and not only do they catch the ball, they throw it back with greater force.”

The first episode is set for release Jan. 23.

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