It’s not always easy finding your way back home and it’s even harder when you’ve got Chris Hemsworth and all his muscles trying to stop you. Not sure I’d wanna go home.

Anywho, Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris star in the new action movie “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga”. Deco sat down with the stars of the movie in LA to get all the behind-the-scenes deets.

Anya Taylor-Joy is coming for everything she deserves in “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga”

The actress stars in the series prequel as Furiosa, a young girl abducted from home and desperately trying to find her way back.

But there’s one thing standing in her way. A manipulative warlord — played by Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth: “This is someone that has suffered too. He too is a product of the wasteland, this very harsh brutal environment and he’s trying to survive.”

The warlord kidnaps Furiosa hoping it will lead him to.. “the green place” — the opposite of the wasteland — where he’s from.

Chris Hemsworth: “He also knows that Furiosa has access to this place of abundance. His crew, who are out in the desert and starving and trying to survive, why are they any less important?

The green place is a secret so Furiosa doesn’t say much in the movie– which has its challenges for Anya.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “The lack of dialogue wasn’t my fear. My fear was that George had this specific image of how he wanted me to hold my face for a lot of this movie. The fear that I wasn’t able to communicate through it. But George held my hand and said that people could understand.”

Filming the movie in the Australian desert was no walk in the park.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “Anytime George Miller wants to make a desert movie, it pours with rain. Like every single time it happens!”

Chris Hemsworth: “It was the world of extremes because we also had really bright sunny hot days but then you know, sorta, flash floods as well.”

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