Lynn is a monster is she doesn’t get enough sleep or enough jewelry, and there isn’t enough wine in Napa to calm “hangry” Shireen … but if you want to see something really scary, here’s Alex Miranda!

For me, it’s when you open the door for somebody, and they just walk in without acknowledging you. I hate that.

In “Antlers,” Keri Russell is faced with a grotesque and bloodthirsty mythical creature that is almost as bad as those door people.

What growls, is about yay high and gets very angry?

No, not that adorable kitten! I’m talking about…

(Cue growling sounds.)

In the new horror movie “Antlers,” those childhood stories about mythical creatures aren’t always so imaginary.

Jesse Plemons (as Paul Meadows): This is a myth?

Graham Greene (as Warren Stokes): “For you, yeah.”

Even on set!

Keri Russell: “It’s a live person in there moving it. There was breath coming onto me. There was – I mean, it was scary!”

Keri Russell plays Julia, an elementary school teacher in a small, isolated Oregon town. One of her students is holding back a dark secret — the kind you feed humans to.

That leads Julia and her sheriff brother Paul to a legendary ancestral creature that is not here to play.

Basically, it’s the chupacabra.

Keri Russell: “It’s scary!”

But, as we all know, real life can sometimes be scarier than even monsters. This mining town has been hit hard by the meth epidemic, too.

Scott Cooper, director, “Antlers”: “I think what’s most terrifying about this film are the fears and anxieties that the characters are facing. We’re dealing with an addiction crisis, the type of division that lives in this country.”

But Keri and director Scott Cooper fessed up to their own fears.

Alex Miranda: “Everybody is scared of something.”

Keri Russell: “I would say snakes. You know that scene in ‘Indiana Jones’ when she has to stick her hand in the – and he does, too? Like, even as an actor, I couldn’t do it. You know when she’s like, ‘I can’t do it!?'” I would be crying. I literally – I couldn’t do it.”

And for Scott…

Scott Cooper: “That would be ‘Jaws.’ Once you’re three or four feet into the Atlantic or the Pacific or any large body of water, you’re in the food chain.”

Watch “Antlers” in theaters starting Friday.

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