Before Shireen got her big break, she worked on a potato farm, and Lynn sold illegal cable boxes. The moral of the story is, you never know where you’re going to end up in life. Alex Miranda is here to tell us about an underdog story that took one athlete all the way to the Super Bowl.

Everybody loves an underdog, and “American Underdog” tells the story of Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner and his wife, Brenda.

Deco talked with the stars about a movie where winning happens on and off the field.

Zachary Levi (as Kurt Warner): “As long as I have a ball in my hands, I feel alive. Kinda like how I feel right now.”

Zachary Levi and Anna Paquin star as Kurt and Brenda Warner in “American Underdog.” Their belief in one another helped them overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

Zachary Levi: “He’s a really good guy, and his wife is a really good lady, and their kids are really good kids, and they fought hard, they fought hard together. They struggled together, and then they made it to this place.”

Whether Kurt was working in a local supermarket, playing in the Arena Football League, or being named the MVP of Super Bowl 34, he and Brenda were a real team.

Zachary Levi (as Kurt Warner): “I don’t know where we go from here. I don’t know what comes next, but this? We did this. We did this together. I love you.”

Anna Paquin (as Brenda Warner): “I love you, too. We did it.”

Anna was determined to bring the real Brenda to the screen.

Anna Paquin: “She’s a really strong, confident, badass, whole human, and I just really wanted to make sure people got as accurate and nuanced feel for who she is as possible.”

Zachary was getting ready to play Kurt before he even knew it.

Zachary Levi: “I watched his story go down in real time when I was a slightly younger version of myself, and it was so inspiring then.”

Telling the story of Kurt and Brenda’s relationship could have been sentimental or schmaltzy. Anna wasn’t going to let any of that happen.

Anna Paquin: “Schmaltz is not really a vibe I generally tend to channel very easily or happily.”

Zachary looks every inch the pro football quarterback in “American Underdog.”

We asked Kurt what he thought of Zach’s performance.

Kurt Warner: “I thought Zach crushed it. I think the football scenes are really, really great, and I’m excited about that part of it.”

Zachary Levi: “I think we were able to bring something very authentic to life, and I’m glad that I could play my part in it.”

Anna Paquin (as Brenda Warner): “Go out there, and you show the world what I’ve known all along.”

“American Underdog” hits theaters on Christmas Day.

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