When people discuss time travel, they often talk about going on an adventure to the future to see how life will turn out. Bo-ring!

At Deco we’re going back in time. Case in point: a 1930s-themed restaurant in West Kendall. Hello, Amelia, nice to meet you.

Ready to leave your troubles from 2023 behind for a night? Then come on down to Amelia’s 1931.

Eileen Andrade: “We opened it about five years ago, originally as a diner, and we just rebranded to fine dining.”

A fine dining experience that will transport you back to the 1930s … but who’s Amelia, and why so specific of a year?

Eileen Andrade: “I wanted to pay homage to my grandmother, which is Amelia, and so we named it Amelia’s 1931 after her name and the year she was born. When you walk in, we are kind of paying homage to the fact that my grandmother was a seamstress, and also, this location used to be a dry cleaners. so when you walk in, you’ll see a lot of clothes hanging, a washing machine.”

All the vibes of a speakeasy, but none of the secrecy. In fact, it’s a spot you will want to tell everyone about.

Eileen Andrade: “At Amelia’s, the vibe, it’s kind of two-faced, because when you walk in, it’s very sexy — it’s intimate lighting, intimate music — but at 11 o’clock on the weekends, we go ahead and turn it to ’90’s hip hop.”

But before you get your party on, you have to try the food. With Cuban, Peruvian and Asian-inspired cuisine, your taste buds will probably start dancing before you do.

Eileen Andrade: “One of our house favorites is the Arroz con Pato, which is a traditional Peruvian dish; we do give it our own little twist. It’s pan seared duck breast, really crispy skin. We serve it medium rare over salsa verde rice, which has a little bit of a kick.”

But if duck isn’t your thing, get the fish.

Eileen Andrade: “Our pan seared halibut is coming over a black garlic beurre blanc sauce and some green beans. Very delicious, and it’s definitely one of our house favorites if you want something light and something refined.”

And what’s a good restaurant without a good drink to wash down your delicious food? The house favorite will have you saying…

Diner: “Yas, queen!”

It’s Amelia’s signature vodka drink with Earl Grey tea and topped off with Ardbeg spray and nutmeg.

Marcela Paguaga: “The flavor palate is balanced, complex. Its a really, really great drink.”

Eileen Andrade: “We honestly provide a great, great vibe here, whether you’re going on a date or just hanging out with friends. The food is great, and the cocktails are banging.”

Amelia’s 1931
13601 SW 26th St.
Miami, FL 33175

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