The stars were out in downtown Miami. Michael Bay’s new action-packed film made its SoFlo debut.

If you love big Hollywood movies filled with chases, helicopters and explosions, then you will not want to miss “Ambulance,” and the stars told me it’s a story we can all connect with.

Lights, camera, fashion!

Alex Miranda: “Deco Drive has a lot of heart for you. We love you. What do you think?”

Michael Bay: “I don’t know if this is really a guy’s shirt, but OK.”

The stars of the new action-packed heist flick “Ambulance” walked the red carpet at Tuesday night’s downtown Miami premiere.

Michael Bay: “I think we all fantasize about robbing banks, OK?”

Alex Miranda: “What do you think that says about us?”

Michael Bay: “I don’t know, but people are fascinated with crime.”

Yahya Abdul-Mateen plays Will, who needs hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for his wife’s medical expenses.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen: “Tough times, for really good people, is something that a lot of people in the world can relate to right now.”

So, he’s convinced by his adoptive brother Danny, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, that robbing a bank is a good idea. For $32 million, no less.

Alex Miranda: “So, any banks around here you want to rob?”

Yahya Abdul-Mateen: “Nope, nope, nope, I don’t think so. I think I learned my lesson.”

Things are less, um, serious at the Silverspot Cinema, though.

Alex Miranda: “What is it like to be back out doing the whole glamorous Hollywood thing again?”

Eiza González: “It’s lovely. I’m also so excited to be in Miami. I haven’t been to Miami for such a long time.”

Eiza González plays Cam, a paramedic who goes on a wild ride, making life-or-death decisions, after Danny and Will’s plan goes haywire and they hijack her — you guessed it — ambulance.

Skills she just might use.

Eiza González: “I did learn a little party trick here or two that I could apply on a daily basis now.”

Director Michael Bay, who, by the way, lives in Miami Beach part time and hopefully will be wearing this shirt at Publix…

Michael Bay: “I’m taking the gift. That’s really nice of you guys, OK?

Attendee: “He looks hot in everything!”

He wants us to know this movie isn’t all just explosions.

Michael Bay: “I keep seeing older women who are not into action movies, they love this movie.”

Although there’s a lot of that fun stuff, too.

Michael Bay: “It’s a very fast-paced movie that doesn’t let up.”

Now, who could pull something like this off in real life? (Not that they should.)

Eiza González: “Definitely me. [My co-stars are] more cautious; they’re good boys. I’m not such a good girl.”

Alex Miranda: “Risk taker?”

Eiza González: “I love living my life on the edge, you know? You’ve got to have more fun.”

“Ambulance” speeds into theaters on Friday.

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