Michael Jordan is the GOAT — greatest of al time — but that isn’t just for basketball. He’s also the king of brand deals. Ever hear of Air Jordans? In a new movie starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, you’re gonna get the backstory on how the world’s most famous footwear came to be. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who’s always shooting for something, is here with more.

Ben Affleck directs the new biographical drama “Air.” The all-star cast includes Marlon Wayans, one of the key figures in striking that historic deal.

In 1984, there were sneakers, and then there were Air Jordans … but not before Sonny Vaccaro and Nike pursued then-basketball rookie Michael Jordan — yes, rookie — in the biographical sports drama “Air,” directed by Ben Affleck.

Marlon Wayans: “It’s like playing with the Dream Team, and all you’ve got to do is hit that 3-point shot. I’m John Paxson.”

Marlon Wayans plays college basketball coach George Raveling, who signed him to the brand. Smart guy.

And the icon selected Viola Davis to play his mother Deloris, who was pivotal in the negotiation.

Alex Miranda: “It’s OK to be shown up by Viola.”

Marlon Wayans: “You have no choice. Surrender.”

The partnership would end up revolutionizing the world of sports and contemporary culture … maybe even your closet.

Alex Miranda: “I have 1,500 pairs of shoes. They have more money; I’ve got more shoes.”

Alex Miranda: “I’m really bad at shoes, though I do have my Nikes.”

Marlon Wayans: “You’re basic.”

Basic?! All right, he’s right.

“Air” bounces into theaters April 5th.

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