MIAMI (WSVN) - Mexican food isn’t hard to find. Mexican seafood, that’s something else again.

A SoFlo eatery has brought authentic recipes from across the border up to Broward. This is a fish story of the finest kind.

Say goodbye to nachos and burritos.

At Aida, Mexican seafood in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll be diving into delicacies from the deep, with dishes you can’t get anywhere else in Broward.

Mauricio Hernandez: “Aida is the best Mexican seafood restaurant in the whole Florida. You are going to find unique recipes and plates from Mexico.”

There’s a reason the folks at Aida decided on a seafood-centric place.

Mauricio Hernandez: “In the United States, not only in Florida, there’s no authentic Mexican cuisine they think that Tex-Mex is our cuisine and it’s not.”

The mix of fresh seafood and homemade sauces is what puts this place over the top.

Mauricio Hernandez: “We have very good quality in the ingredients and in the shrimp, fish, the recipes are amazing.”

A true specialty of the house is the butterflied whole red snapper.

Mauricio Hernandez: “With two kinds of sauces that we made 24 hours earlier, so the flavors are amazing and we recommend you eat it as a taco.”

Taylor Gallo: “I just had the build-your-own tacos with snapper and cilantro and like a bunch of little onions and stuff to put on top, it was absolutely amazing.”

The ceviche verde is packed with shrimp.

It drives home its Mexican roots with three kinds of cilantro.

There’s a tuna tostada with chipotle mayo waiting to be enjoyed, as well.

Don’t fret, meat lovers. Something special is cooking just for you.

“The costra, it’s cheese crust with ribeye and flour tortilla, but when you eat it you will find the crunchiness in the cheese.”

The bar can whip up all kinds of craft cocktails.

The Violeta and the mango margarita are Instagram-ready. So is the mural of the restaurant’s namesake.

“The wall with the goddess of the seas, Aida.”

Aida’s open for everyone to enjoy. But they do have their eyes on the locals.

“We want to open a restaurant for the neighborhood not for the tourists we want that everybody comes and enjoy what we did.”

Keana: “I love the ambiance it’s such a great intimate vibe I love how it connects with like downtown Fort Lauderdale.”


Aida Mexican Seafood

911 NE 4th Ave.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

(954) 533-0998


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