We might know the “tale as old as time,” but I know I’ve never been in it. Now, with the Adrienne Arsht Center’s latest show “Beauty and the Beast,” the audience will feel like they belong to the world of Belle and Beast, fit with talking tea pots, dancing candle sticks, all waiting for you to be their guest!

True as it can be, “Beauty and the Beast” is coming to the Adrienne Arsht Center.

Giancarlo Rodaz: “This production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is the first of its kind because it’s a totally immersive production, where the audience is inside of the castle. They are there with the characters. There is no division between the actors and the audience. When the audience first walks in, I see people go, ‘Where’s the show going to happen?’ and it’s just everywhere. You are right there with them.”

… And see things you probably never noticed before.

Giancarlo Rodaz: “In a number like ‘Gaston’, where it’s the villain being cheered on by the village, you are a part of that, you are complicit in that, and you realize these things about the story that weren’t as clear before.”

Feel what it’s like to be in some intense scenes.

Maxime Prissert: “My favorite scene is when Beast first invites Belle to dinner. He’s impatient and frustrated with her.”

Or experience movie moments you loved!

Maxime Prissert: “My favorite song is definitely ‘Something There.’ It’s really sweet. It’s the whole montage of them falling in love.”

The show might be based on a children’s story, but it’s for kids of all ages.

Sara Poses: “Anyone can enjoy the show. It’s so special. They have really an achievement here. It is a completely different way that I’ve ever seen this space used at the Arsht. “

So don’t be afraid to get down with the dishes and….

Cast of Beauty and the Beast: “Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!”

For More Info:

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County
1300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

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