Ludacris isn’t the only one who wants to know your deepest desire.

Are you ready to join Roark and Ruby in paradise?

“Fantasy Island” is back tonight with a brand new season.

Roselyn Sanchez: “It’s feel-good TV. It’s about learning lessons, it’s about letting go. It’s wish fulfillment. It’s a show that allows you to get a little bit of everything.”

Buckle up for new fantasies and a whole lot of guest stars.

Roselyn Sanchez: “This season we have Cheryl Hines, Rachel Harris.”

Fans will even get a little “Desperate Housewives” reunion, when Terri Hatcher and James Denton drop by the island.

Roselyn Sanchez: “The first season was fantastic. This one is phenomenal. The guest stars are great. The story lines are even more elevated.”

This season, the always serious Roarke is getting a reason to smile… She’s found love.

Roselyn Sanchez: “It’s a different Roarke this season. She’s gonna do a lot of growing … She opens herself for love. It might not go exactly how she thought, but it might. You know, it’s gonna be interesting for the audience to take that journey with her and Javier.”

And her sidekick, Ruby, is also looking for a little romance.

Kiara Barnes: “This story arc for Ruby this season was a blast to film … This is like her season, her time in her life where she’s having to learn how to release control and get out of her comfort zone… and to challenge herself and like really figure out who is Ruby and what do I want.”

“Fantasy Island” airs tonight at 8 p.m., right after Deco, and you can tune in every Monday for a new fantasy.

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