What do you get when you combine football with four of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood? A real good time.

The new film “80 for Brady” is warming up to hit the field, and Deco’s resident cheerleader, Alex Miranda, is here to lead the charge.

This is not a democracy, it’s a “cheer-ocracy,” so forget about rooting for a team in the Super Bowl, because I’m cheering for the leading ladies of “80 for Brady” … especially Latina superstar Rita Moreno. Gooooo Rita!

Lily Tomlin (as Lou), Jane Fonda (as Trish), Sally Field (as Betty) and Rita Moreno (as Maura): “Tom Brady!”

Down … set … hunk!

Tom Brady (as himself): “Let’s go!”

Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field and Lily Tomlin are in it to win it in the new comedy “80 For Brady.”

Lily Tomlin (as Lou): “We’re going to the Super Bowl to enjoy men the way the Romans did: sweaty, tight pants.”

The film follows four best friends on an epic trip to see their hero, Tom Brady, play in the big game, and their hilarious, crazy antics prove age ain’t nothing but a number.

Just ask Rita!

Rita Moreno: “Fabulous! I can’t believe that I’m here at 91.”

This living legend, who’s one of the few people in Hollywood with an EGOT under her belt, is showing no signs of slowing down.

And the Puerto Rican-born actress told Deco the cafecito…

Rita Moreno: “Cafecito, no. I don’t drink cafecito. If I drink cafecito, it’s decaffeinated. Descafeinado.”

…has nothing to do with it.

Rita Moreno: “I think it’s part of who and what I am. I swear it’s my genes. I’m very, very, very fortunate. I have good skin, and I have enormous energy. I do.”

Forget the Kardashians, because Jane, Lily, and Sally have all said they had a hard time keeping up with Rita.

But when we asked which of her co-stars would be immediately down for an adventure…

Rita Moreno: “I think Jane would show up first.”

Harry Hamlin (as Dan): “Your beauty has no expiration date.”

Lily Tomlin (as Lou): Trish!”

Jane Fonda (as Trish): “I didn’t flirt. He did.”

Rita Moreno: “Jane is up for anything, more than, I think, all of us. Even me.”

Rita’s been booked and busy the last few years — between Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story,” “80 for Brady” and the upcoming “Fast X,” where she’s playing Vin Diesel’s grandma.

She told Deco she’s grateful for roles that break stereotypes.

Rita Moreno: “I thought, ‘Wait a minute, why are they always taking care of the kids and doing snappy comebacks in these comedy shows? Why don’t they have a job?’ And it’s because of the way we’re perceived at this age. I’m a very active abuela.”

Rita Moreno (as Maura): “Let’s make a run!”

Sally Field (as Betty): “Oh, no, Maura, no, no.”

Rita had a blast making “80 for Brady” because it’s more than a football movie. It’s about friendship.

Rita Moreno: “Devotion and loyalty. I think what’s important is how we feel here and how we demonstrate it.”

Rita Moreno (as Maura): “Tom, up here!”

Sally Field (as Betty): “Why is Champagne such a violent beverage?”

You can catch “80 for Brady” in theaters starting Friday.

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