The fashion industry is ever-changing, and the latest styles cost an arm and a leg. What better way to keep up than designing your own threads?

That’s what the fashion site SHEIN is aiming for through its program called SHEIN X. Deco sat down with some local designers to hear all about it.

For the global retail company SHEIN, “empowering creativity” is not just a slogan. It’s a lifestyle.

The fashion site is helping local designers reach their full potential, thanks to its SHEIN X program.

Emily Workman: “We launched the SHEIN X designer incubator program back in 2021, really as a way to empower independent designers to build their own brands and to remove some of the barriers that are typically associated with the fashion industry.”

And these Miami creators are taking full advantage.

Bojana Brown: “I heard about the program last year, so I decided to apply, and I was very happy when they contacted me and offered me to work with them.”

Bojana Brown has been creating her knitwear line, MyWayInStyle, since 1996. Now she does it on a global scale.

But she isn’t the only one.

Lala Beltrán: “When I got my first collection with SHEIN, I had people from Panama texting me like, ‘Hey, this is cute. What is this?’ I’ve been walking around and sometimes see people wearing my clothes, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, that’s mine.'”

SHEIN X guides all of its participants through the process of bringing their designs to life, and the support from such a massive fashion outlet is worthwhile, they say.

Dayana Rosario: “It feels really rewarding, Especially when you launch a collection, and then you see the reviews under every style and you see people like it. I think it’s just so rewarding to see people actually like what I make.”

This isn’t just a one-off, either.

Emily Workman: “With our three designers here in Miami, they all have multiple collections with us. They have been with us for a couple of years.”

And you may be wondering: how do you get in on this program? Well, listen up.

Emily Workman: “Some of our designers find us through the online application process, and some we find through social media platforms or sometimes fashion career websites.”

Think you have what it takes?

Emily Workman: “We are looking for designers who reflect our diverse customer base and who connect with our customers, so we really are open to all kinds of designers with all different visions.”

To find out how you can support the Miami designers featured in this story and how to apply to the SHEIN X program, the links are posted below this story.

SHEIN X Program
Lala Beltran of SHEIN X Lala
Dayana Rosario of SHEIN X Renzi
Bojana Brown of SHEIN X MyWayInStyle

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