This weekend, Pompano Beach is gonna be lit. The sky over the ocean will be filled with lights — and not the kind supplied by stars. Drones will dance above your head, and you will be thoroughly amazed.

Man in “Superman” show: “Look up in the sky! It’s a bird!”

Woman in “Superman” show: “It’s a plane!”

It most certainly is not. It’s the second annual Pompano Beach Drone Show Extravaganza at Fisher Family Pier.

Sandra King: “It’s a night of family fun, cool entertrainment.”

This Saturday’s event is bound to be twice as nice as last year.

Sandra King: “We added a show, so we have two shows, one at 7 p.m., one at 9 p.m.”

You want more? You got it. More shows, more lights.

Sandra King: “Not only are we doubling up on shows, but we’ve added another 100 drones to each show. It was 200 drones, which was amazing. Now it’s gonna be 300 drones. It is such a cool thing to watch.”

Getting the full impact will require getting your eyes and ears involved.

Sandra King: “And it’s all choreographed to music. It’s a futuristic music.”

There’s a special theme to this year’s show. Actually, there are two themes that are sharing the evening.

Sandra King: “Because we’re doing the drone show annually on Veterans Day, or Veterans Day weekend, basically, we decided this year it was going to be a patriotic theme, mixed in with a nautical theme.”

But not all the entertainment will be going down over your head.

Sandra King: “We are putting a band on the pier and a DJ, so starting at 5:30, people can get here early and enjoy the vibe, listen to the music.”

Don’t worry. You and yours won’t be hungry.

Sandra King: “People can eat right here in the Fishing Village. We have restaurants like Oceanic, where we’re at now, right on the ocean. We have Beach House, we have Lucky Fish.”

Here’s a important tip. If you want to really see the light show in all its glory, listen up.

Sandra King: “Three hundred drones are all staged north of the pier. They’re on tarps, and they go out over the ocean and over the pier, and then they face south, so everybody needs to be south of the pier to get a good look at this incredible drone show.”

2nd Annual Pompano Beach Drone Show Extravaganza
Saturday, Nov. 11, 5:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
Fisher Family Pier
222 N Pompano Beach Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL

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