If you haven’t had dinner yet, we’re sorry to tell you, you’re about to get a whole lot hungrier. The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is quickly approaching. Deco’s got a look at some of the many ways to wine and dine.

Here’s some food for thought…

Robert Irvine, South Beach Wine & Food Festival: “There are many food and wine festivals around the world. Number one is Miami.”

You can’t argue with that.

Marcus Samuelsson: “The festival has really been a driver for me to be able to come down here and get to know the community.”

If the biggest chefs in the world are saying it…

Amanda Freitag: “Everybody just loves being here. As soon as you get here, it’s the warm air, it’s the sunshine, the beach. It’s a whole different vibe.”

…it’s gotta be true!

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is a SoFlo institution.

Lee Schrager, South Beach Wine & Food Festival: “It’s just great to be back celebrating 23 years, to eat, drink and educate here in South Florida, to raise funds and awareness and the opportunity for the students at the Chaplin School at [Florida International University].”

Events like Burger Bash and the Grand Tasting Village are fan-favorite staples … but this year, the fest is cooking up something new.

Lee Schrager: “Sunset Feast — again, another brand-new signature event in Coconut Grove at The Hangar. It’s really kind of a mini Best of the Best, but for South Miami.”

Broward County is also getting in on the foodie action. The Hallandale Beach Food and Groove event is sure to pack a flavor punch.

Lee Schrager: “Hallandale is just a city that really wants to expose all the great talent up in that area. For people who don’t wanna make the trek from Fort Lauderdale, it’s kind of a halfway point.”

You can always count on Miami to get lit, especially at an event called Heritage Fire.

Eileen Andrade: “Heritage Fire is a great event, because there’s a little bit of something for everybody. It’s mainly focused on open-fire cooking.”

SoFlo restaurant Amelia’s 1931 won in 2023, and they’re definitely hungry for more.

Eileen Andrade: “We definitely have a title to defend.”

Chef Eric Benitez: “The stakes are really high. I’m holding myself to a whole ‘nother level. “

Chef Eric Benitez took home the gold with his porchetta. It’s a rolled pork belly dish that’s marinated in a mojo sauce.

Chef Eric Benitez: “And then, what we did was slow cook it so you get a nice chicharron skin on the outside. And then a couple of pickled veggies and fresh herbs on top.”

The restaurant’s not giving anything away when it comes to what they’re whipping up for the event. Buuuut….

Chef Eric Benitez: “All I can say is, it’ll make an impact. We’re gonna go and make a show, so it’s definitely something that is gonna wow people.”

23rd Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival
Feb. 22-25, 2024

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