The Elton John biopic “Rocketman,” opening this weekend, is just one of a ton of films hitting theaters this summer. Deco’s got a preview of what’s in store at the multiplex.

Samuel L. Jackson (as Nick Fury): “We have a job to do, and you’re coming with us.”

Peter Parker’s gotta save the world again, and win the box office, in “Spider-Man: Far from Home.”

The sequel, starring Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal will dominate this summer. So says Fandango’s Erik Davis.

Erik Davis, Fandango: “That’s going to be, not just one of the biggest box office hits, but one of the biggest hits with fans, because there’s so many people that want to know, ‘What happens now? What happens about the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame?'”

James Earl Jones (as Mufasa, voice of): “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.”

He told Deco you can also count on Disney’s remake of “The Lion King” being both a crowd-pleaser and a box office success.

Erik Davis: “It’s got the music, and more than anything else, it’s got the visuals. This is the same team that did ‘The Jungle Book,’ and they wowed us with those visual effects.”

Speaking of Disney, to infinity and beyond — again!

Four movies in, and Disney/Pixar still hasn’t lost its touch when it comes to “Toy Story.”

Erik Davis: “I’ve seen the first half-hour of it. It was already spectacular. I was laughing, I was crying.”

Kyle Chandler (as Mark Russell): “My God…”

Bradley Whitford (as Dr. Rick Stanton): “…zilla.”

Get ready to bend the knee and say, “Long live the king!” You can’t get more summer blockbuster-y than “Godzilla: King of the Monsters.”

Erik Davis: “Epic monster brawls is the way I’d explain that one. If I say ‘epic monster brawls,’ and you’re like, ‘I’m there,’ go see ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters.'”

Remember that super creepy movie last year called “Hereditary?” How could we forget?

Milly Shapiro (as Charlie): “Who’s gonna take care of me?”

Toni Collette (as: “You don’t think I’m gonna take care of you?”

Milly Shapiro (as Charlie): “But when you die…”

That same director is back with another movie that’ll make you crawl in your skin.

Jack Reynor (as Christian): “We just need to acclimate.”

Florence Pugh (as Dani): “I don’t want to acclimate. I wanna go.”


It’s called “Midsommar.”

Erik Davis: “Which also deals with cults and freakiness and crazy stuff that happens. I would put that on your radar, too, if you like more of a heady horror movie.”

Taron Egerton (as Elton John): “People don’t pay to see Reginald Dwight! They pay to see Elton John!”

We may have saved the best for last.

Music fan? Elton John fan? Looking for a date night movie? A potential Oscar contender? The Elton John biopic “Rocketman,” starring Taron Egerton, checks all the boxes.

Erik Davis: “He does all of his own singing. Especially with Rami Malek winning the Oscar, I think people are saying, ‘Taron, I think, could be nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe.'”

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