Deco discusses Uber etiquette with the cast of ‘Stuber’

Ubers are often used for shuttling drunk people home from the bar or for getting a ride to the airport when your best friend who said they would pick you up for your 6 a.m. flight slept in. In the new comedy “Stuber,” Uber is used as a police car. I went to LA to find out the dos and don’ts of Uber etiquette with the cast.

Dave Bautista (as Vic): “Hey! Uber?”

Kumail Nanjiani (as Stu): “Yeah. Be cool be nice.”

An Uber driver named Stu — played by Kumail Nanjiani — has his life and his car turned upside down when Dave Bautista, a detective hot on the trail of a killer, uses his car to chase after him.

Chris Van Vliet: “Since so much of this movie takes places in an Uber, what’s the worst thing that an Uber passenger could do?”

Kumail Nanjiani: “Any bodily function. Puke. Pee. Poop.”

Natalie Morales (as Nicole): “Woah, what is that smell?”

Kumail Nanjiani (as Stu): “Blood. Dog food. Vomit.”

Dave Bautista’s daughter in the film is played by Miami’s own Natalie Morales.

Chris Van Vliet: “What do you miss most about not being in Miami?”

Natalie Morales: “Deco Drive, of course. Late nights watching Deco Drive on Channel 7.”

We knew it! But apparently, she was only joking.

Natalie Morales: “No, I miss the Cuban food. I miss my family and not in that order. I miss my family more than the Cuban food.”

Now I know what you’re wondering — and don’t worry, I’ve got your answer — what’s a Stuber?

Jimmy Tatro (as Richie): “Your name is Stu. You drive Uber. It would be a crime to not call you that.”

After Stu accepts the ride from this police officer, every possible thing that could go wrong, does go wrong, and it turns out, they had their fair share of problems on the set too.

Dave Bautista: “Sometimes we couldn’t get the damn car to start. There was always an issue.”

Kumail Nanjiani: “That’s right. But Nissan Leaf is a wonderful vehicle.”

Dave Bautista: “It wasn’t because there was mechanical problems. It was because we couldn’t find the key, or we had the wrong key.”

Dave Bautista: “You’re scaring me, Stu, and I love it!”

So why wouldn’t Stu just tell his passenger to get out? Because of the ever important 5-star Uber rating which means more to Stu than really anything else.

Chris Van Vliet: “If you guys were to give each other a rating on their performance — an Uber rating of each other — how would you rate Dave? And Dave how would you rate Kumail?

Kumail Nanjini: “Five across the board!”

Dave Bautista: “Oh yeah, for sure.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Well, this was too easy!”

Dave Bautista: “You’re going to get a lot of love from me.”

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