Getting to work here in South Florida is awesome, but you know what’s even more awesome? Working in London for a few days! Lynn’s across the pond and fabulously dressed for the big premiere of the Elton John biopic “Rocketman.”

This premiere was packed with the energy, enthusiasm and emotion that’s also in the movie. I chatted with the stars and other celebs who made it to the red carpet.

Lynn Martinez: “How important is the music in this movie? You’re the music guy.”

Giles Martin: “Well, it’s a movie about Elton John, so it’s very important. So it’s the heartbeat…”

*Taron Egerton sneaks up and kisses Giles on the cheek.*

Lynn Martinez (to Taron): “How much do you love him?”

Taron Egerton: “This man is the secret weapon of this movie, and without him, we would be lost.”

Lynn Martinez: “What’s your favorite Elton song?”

Boy George: “I have many, but I would say ‘Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word’ is beautiful.”

Lynn Martinez: “Why?”

Boy George: “It’s just so simple and to the point, and everyone loves that song.”

Bryce Dallas Howard: “Sheila and Elton had a very difficult relationship, and it led to a lot of conflict and heartbreak and damage.”

Lynn Martinez: “What’s your favorite Elton John song?”

Bryce Dallas Howard: “My favorite Elton John song, for sure, is ‘I’m Still Standing.'”

Lynn Martinez: “What kind of emotions are coming up right now?”

Dexter Fletcher, director of “Rocketman”: “A lot of emotions are coming up. They are. This is an emotional film. That’s what people keep telling me.”

Whether you’re a fan of Elton John’s music or not, you’re gonna fall in love with him as a man.

“Rocketman” zooms into theaters May 31.

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