Deco checks out 3 Wynwood spots you gotta see

Wynwood has so many cool places, it can be overwhelming. That’s why you have us. We find spots you’ve gotta check out. Speaking of which, is Alex Miranda a book? Because we’re totally checking him out.

There is so much more to Wynwood than the murals.

There’s so much more to see, so much more to hear, and also, more importantly, more things to taste, like this spicy margarita at the Oasis, which they should probably call this heaven.

Like perfume?

Alex Miranda: “What is that?!”

Then you’ll love Osme Perfumery!

Maurice Locke, Osme Perfumery: “We actually help to refine what they like, and then, we bring them outside of their comfort zone.

Maurice Locke: “Do you drink Scotch?”

Alex Miranda: “I hate brown liquor.”

Maurice Locke: “Forget about it.”

…with some of the best fragrances in the world, like Floris London!

Maurice Locke: “This is the brand that scented the wedding for Meghan and Harry.”

Alex Miranda: “I feel royal already.”

And political?

Maurice Locke: “This is Eight & Bob, and I think you’re going to love this because this is John F. Kennedy’s perfume.”

Because at Osme, it’s about more than just smelling good.

Maurice Locke: “Something that emphasizes how they’re going to dress, how they’re going to feel, their mood.”

Soundlux Audio isn’t your average audio store.

Eric Gould, Soundlux Audio: “I just wanted to focus on the best-made and best-sounding equipment in the world.”

Eric is what they call an “audiophile,” but he says, you don’t have to be here.

Eric Gould: “They know when they feel it in their heart that there’s a connection there between them and the music.”

Soundlux builds audio systems at any budget, and sells high-fi…

Eric Gould: “Amplifiers, speakers, turntables for playing vinyl records, CD players, all the digital equipment.”

In a showroom that looks like a house! Complete with a bar.

Eric Gould: “We want people to come in here and immediately feel at home, relax and enjoy themselves.”

Speaking of music…

Sven Vogtland, Oasis: “There will be music everyday throughout the week here in the courtyard and here in the lounge.”

The brand-new Oasis is just that.

Sven Vogtland: “Grab a pizza, grab a drink with your friend and turn around and catch an amazing concert.”

Try tacos, chicken skewers, this corn on the cob elote and more.

Erik Rutter, Oasis: “Comedy shows, a place for spoken-word poetry, a real cultural hub.”

And at the center of this gorgeous 35,000 square foot courtyard is the 75-foot-tall tower bar. The art on it is going to change around Art Basel every year or perhaps when you’ve had one too many dirty flamingos, which Erik says is totally OK.

Erik Rutter: “You can be here all day, all night.”


Osme Perfumery
50 NW 24th St. #111
Miami, FL 33127

Soundlux Audio
120 NW 25th St., Loft 302
Miami, FL 33127

The Oasis
2319 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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