Deco checks out 3 trendy spots in Miami’s Design District

Sure, we know you can find luxury brands like Gucci and Prada in Miami’s Design District, but did you know there’s a hidden slide? There’s a lot to learn about the fashionable neighborhood. Alex Miranda has tonight’s Spot Check live from TheArsenale.

There’s more to the Design District than luxury brands.

Anna Williams, Design District: “It’s a place where people are never bored. There’s always something new to do, a new experience.”

Our first stop is Japow.

Lily Naranjo, Japow: “We specialize in new generation kakigori, which is modern and contemporary Japanese shaved ice.”

But this isn’t your typical snow come.

Lily Naranjo: “The texture is very light, fluffy and airy.”

Refreshing! You’ll taste…

Lily Naranjo: “The fruit pulp with the espuma and the flavors of whatever the topping is.”

The espuma is a light crema, but…

Lily Naranjo: “The flavors are very bold.”

Like dulce de leche! It’s so good, you might feel generous.

Customer: “You wanna try mine?”

Aww, to be in love.

Jean-Pierre Espiritusanto: “This is like a little treat for myself on a lovely day.”

Shhh, I think he’s having a moment.

Customer: “This is really good.”

Next up: Museum Garage.

Craig, Museum Garage: “The work AC facade is like a vertical playground.”

Alex Miranda: “That was fun.”

Craig: “There’s stairs to nowhere.”

Alex Miranda: “Wait a minute.”

It’s like a McDonald’s PlayPlace in the sky.

Craig: “There’s also a rope you can go and play on in that area. Between the seventh and sixth floor, there’s a fun slide.”

Alex Miranda: “These stairs are boring. This slide is fun!”

Craig: “It’s a great place to just come and hang out.”

Finally, TheArsenale.

Pat Meignan, TheArsenale: “We are showcasing the most exclusive pieces of art dedicated to mobility.”

And by exclusive mobility he’s talkin’…

Pat Meignan: “Some submarines, some hypercars, some concept cars.”

Bikes, really anything that moves.

Pat Meignan: “A submarine like that is around $2.2 million.”

And this Lamborghini Countach?! I could cry.

Carlos, guest: “It’s stuff you won’t see in the street, not even once a year.”

But don’t be intimidated!

Pat Meignan: “The fathers, they come with their kids. It’s really a family zone.”

With supercharged photo-ops.

Pat Meignan: “It’s also a really Instagrammable place.”


151 NE 41st St.
Miami, FL 33137

Museum Garage
90 NE 41st St.
Miami, FL 33137

69 NE 41st St.
Miami, FL 33137

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