Deco can’t wait for the two-part ‘Empire’ season finale

Lynn has good news and bad news for you. We’ll start with the bad news: season three of “Empire” is coming to an end. The good news? Even though the finale is tonight, it’s a two-parter! So even after tonight’s episode, there’s more to come!

The two-part season finale of “Empire” kicks off Wednesday night — and we’re about to learn what happens when you mess with the Lyons. Their battle with the DuBois family forces the Lyons to band together.

Jussie Smollett: “I think we needed a family to have to battle so that we could have to pull together, so that’s kind of what we see.”

Taraji P. Henson: “Otherwise we’d be looked at upon as just a dysfunctional family.”

Not everyone is getting along. André isn’t done seeking revenge against Anika. Remember that big showdown last week? It’s an interesting dynamic for them to play out since they’re married in real life.

Trai Byers: “We’re both artists independent of being husband and wife, and it’s our job to give the ‘just do’ to the characters the best we can, so we’re going to go full throttle every time.”

Grace Gealey: “To do intense scenes like that, you have to make sure that you feel safe and that your partner feels safe and so, because of our relationship outside of set, it just really makes a scene like that — you can really be vulnerable and just really go for it because we keep each other safe.”

As for what’s coming up, Grace shared a big scoop!

Grace Gealey: “Someone always dies at the end of the season. There’s going to be a murder. Who that will be? I cannot say.”

This season has also featured its share of guest stars including Rumer Willis who has taken a lot from the experience including — inspiration for her own music!

Rumer Willis: “Having a different take on the kind of music really gave me a different perspective on the kind of music that I want to put out there for myself.”

And she shared her excitement about another guest on the way… her mom, Demi Moore.

Rumer Willis: “I think people are going be really surprised to see how she fits all into it.”

Part one of the big, explosive season finale is coming up at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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