Did Deborah Cox murder her husband? In real life, no — but in the new film “Influence,” she may have. Deco talked with South Florida actress and singer about her movie and the new music she’s about to release.

Judge Betty Jackson: “You’ve been charged with second-degree murder. How do you plead?”

Deborah Cox (as Savannah Kirby): “Not guilty, Your Honor.”

Deborah Cox stars as a big-name celebrity accused of offing her husband in “Influence,” a film currently airing on BET Plus.

Deborah Cox: “I’m super, super excited about it, because it’s really a genre that I’ve never explored before. It’s suspense, it’s a thriller.”

She plays Savannah, a very successful singer. You could say the same about Deborah, but that’s where the comparisons end.

Deborah Cox: “She’s very self-absorbed. She’s all about money, she’s a shopaholic. You know, she’s got a lot of issues that I don’t have as Deborah Cox.”

Don’t get her wrong. Deborah loved slipping into Savannah’s skin.

Deborah Cox: “Playing that complex and that type of flawed person is really exciting, because it makes her very human.”

Her years in the music industry prepared her for the role, big time.

Deborah Cox: “There’s a whole lot of Savannahs in this industry.”

Speaking of music, Deborah’s got a new album coming out, led by her latest single, “Easy Way.”

Deborah Cox (singing): “There’s no easy way to stay, when it hurts so much, especially when you think you’ve had enough. Ain’t no easy way to love, love, love.”

The album, which is set for release later this year, will be grounded in matters of the heart.

Deborah Cox: “It’s been a while since I’ve had an album out, but this seventh album will have a lot of really good gems that just explore the real side of love.”

Deborah makes her home here in Miami. She’s got nothing but love for the folks in the Magic City — and for one TV show in particular.

Deborah Cox: “Oh, I love Deco Drive. I love all of Miami fans. (throws kisses) Big love to everybody.”

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