Dave Franco is making his directorial debut with the horror film “The Rental,” and this movie may make you wanna delete your Airbnb app.

It’s a vacay from hell for a pair of young couples, when their seaside vacation, booked through an app, goes horribly wrong in “The Rental.”

Alison Brie (as Michelle): “Charlie! Tell me that’s not a camera.”

The suspense flick marks the directorial debut of Dave Franco.

Dave Franco: “It was inspired by my own paranoia, just about the concept of home sharing and just thinking about how the country is divided as it’s ever been, and no one trusts each other, yet we trust staying in the home of a stranger simply because of a few positive things online.”

Dan Stevens (as Charlie): “Get through the night. We leave first thing in the morning.”

Dave Franco: “We are all aware of the risks of staying in a stranger’s home, but we still do it, and including myself. And, like, I was staying at an Airbnb while filming this movie.”

“The Rental” stars Dan Stevens and Dave’s wife, Alison Brie.

Alison Brie: “We sort of shot the movie almost in order, so the first week of shooting it’s like, we’re getting to the house, we’re looking around, we’re making bro jokes, everybody’s laughing, it’s really fun, and then it was like four solid weeks of shooting nights and screaming.”

Dan Stevens (as Charlie): “This will be over soon, I promise.”

Alison Brie (as Michelle): “This will never be over.”

Alison is so proud of her man. She posted a behind-the-scenes pic of Dave directing on set. She calls “The Rental” “beautiful, complicated, and horrifying.”

“The Rental” becomes available for digital rental on Friday.

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