Zombies are infesting Las Vegas, but enough about Sin City nightlife. Let’s tell you about the new movie, “Army of the Dead.” It’s got zombies that are smart, fast and extra scary. Hmmm sounds fun to me!

It’s all Dave Bautista’s vault that zombies are chasing him and his friends in “Army of the Dead.”

Things get pretty dicey when Dave and his gang bust into a Vegas zombie quarantine zone.

They’re trying to steal money, but that kind of risk means they could become zombie din-din.

Dave Bautista (as Scott Ward): “Well, we all know the basics. Zombies, shamblers, the undead, whatever you want to call them, when it comes to killing them, it’s all about the brain.”

Dave says, no matter how it looks, his character isn’t all about the money.

Dave Bautista: “When I read the script, that’s what I really dialed in on. That’s what I really focused on was really what was at the core of this character, and it really was redemption. Scott Ward was looking for redemption with his daughter. He was looking for a way back, you know, to his normal life, to get back on track with living a life with his family, what family he had left, and so that’s what it was, and everything else was just kind of a backdrop.”

“Army of the Dead” is Director Zack Snyder’s return to zombie cinema, but with a new spin.

Zack Snyder: “One of the things I was just really, really wanted to see if it was possible for the audience to be sympathetic with the zombies, and frankly, Rich Citron, who plays Zeus in the movie, does such an incredible job that you can see how, you know, there might be a faction of the audience that is really voting for the zombies to pull it out on this one.”

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