Dark secrets come to light in ‘The Secrets We Keep’

I do have something to admit, and honestly, I’m really nervous to say this out loud, but alone in my room at night, I’ve been practicing the WAP challenge, and I’m really good at it.

But even that is nothing compared to what goes down in “The Secrets We Keep.”

What if a heinous secret you kept for 15 years…

Noomi Rapace (as Maja): “We were sleeping and some German soldiers found us. They did horrible things to the women.”

…walked right past you when you least expected it?

Noomi Rapace (as Maja): “Lewis, he’s in the trunk of our car.”

In “The Secrets We Keep,” Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman and Chris Messina star in a drama-thriller about Maja, a World War II survivor who spots a man she believes committed unthinkable war crimes against her. But how should she respond?

Alex Miranda: “Have your thoughts evolved on that question at all? Forgiveness versus, on occasion, revenge?”

Noomi Rapace: “Maja steps into this journey where she discovers Thomas, she thinks she wants to kill him. She wants to make him suffer the way she suffered. She goes from violence and being hateful and full of rage into something way more forgiving. Her journey actually answered my question. I don’t believe in revenge anymore. I don’t believe that you can cure violence with violence.”

Chris Messina, who plays Maja’s husband, a doctor who isn’t sure who to believe, leaves the door cracked open on this issue.

Alex Miranda: “Can you really forgive your enemies, people who have done you wrong?”

Chris Messina: “Where does revenge get us? Knock on wood, nothing like that has ever happened to me to that degree, so that’s a different story when it hits home like that.”

And the film hits home, quite literally for two of the actors. It turns out, Noomie and Joel have always been the farthest thing from enemies in real life!

Alex Miranda: “The two of you were friends in high school in Sweden?”

Noomi Rapace: “I was this nerdy punk girl from the farm, and Joel — you grew up in Stockholm. He was way cooler than me. Whatever he knew, I wanted to know.”

Joel Kinnaman: “When we were in high school, she was already making a name for herself, like, as an actor. I sorta looked up to her, but I was sorta afraid of her.”

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