Danny Trejo unmasked as ‘Masked Singer’s’ Raccoon

Another famous face has been unmasked on “The Masked Singer,” but this week’s contestant took the panelists by surprise. Sure, we’ve seen him kick butt in Hollywood, but now we know the actor makes a cute woodland creature, too.

Danny Trejo was the man behind the mask on this week’s “Masked Singer.”

Danny Trejo: “I love doing anything new, you know, and this was new.”

The legendary tough guy had a soft spot for his Raccoon costume.

Danny Trejo: “When they showed me the costume, the costume looks exactly like my dog, John Wesley Hardy, and so I said, ‘Absolutely, I’ll do it.'”

The actor’s known for his roles in “Machete” and “Sons of Anarchy,” so being on a reality competition show was totally different.

Danny Trejo: “It was the most freedom and fun I have had on a set ever. With my face, I’m usually just saying, ‘All right, I’ll kill all of you, watch out.’ When you do a costume like that, it’s not you. Nobody knows it’s me. Try to be tough in a raccoon suit.”

The show hit home for Danny. He was able to send love to panelist Jenny McCarthy.

Danny Trejo: “Jenny McCarthy is an advocate for special needs children, and I helped raise two autistic kids, and we’re just so proud of the work that she does.

Next up for the actor: his memoir, “Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood,” comes out this summer.

Danny Trejo: “People are just going to learn what made Danny Trejo.”

Until then, Danny’s gonna bask in his Raccoon glory.

Danny Trejo: “I feel like a winner. I don’t care, I love it, and besides that, I was a cute raccoon.”

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