Danish Pastry Hollywood Company

Warm, flaky, delicious Danishes are sometimes all you need to awaken your taste buds. Deco found a spot that sells authentic Danishes… so authentic in fact, they’re made in Denmark. How do you say, "Watch this," in Danish?

We may be far from Denmark, but a little bit of Denmark is oh so close. 

Diana Asklof: "Denmark is known for sweets, cheese and candy. We are very big in pastries. We have a lot of bakeries– pretty much one on every block."

If you want the best pastries Danish people can offer, step into this little shop in Hollywood.

Diana Asklof: "Danish Pastry Company has been in Hollywood now for three years. It is the very first of its kind, and it was based on a small store in Copenhagen."

This is Danish heaven.

Diana Asklof: "We offer a large selection of pastries, all made with our signature 24 layers of dough."

The 24 layers of dough are made by experienced bakers abroad.

Diana Asklof: "We get them all imported from Denmark. They are actually made there in a smaller bakery, flash frozen and then we bake them fresh throughout the day."

These folks are all about variety too.

Diana Asklof: "We have two types of fans." 

With lemon custard or blackberry cream…

Diana Asklof: "We have three different types of crowns, or as we call them in Denmark, ‘spendowel.’" 

There are large pastries and mini pastries…

Diana Asklof: "We have a salted-caramel braid, a dark chocolate cherry, a lemon cheesecake, apple, cinnamon swirl, coconut swirl with chocolate icing."

And — this most famous Danish.

Diana Asklof: "That’s the maple pecan plate. That is our number one seller. It has a brown sugar filling with toasted pecans on top, and it’s drizzled with maple syrup."

As for a more traditional approach?

Diana Asklof: "It’s called a ‘tealdkfabakis.’ It is a very light, very flaky, very buttery dough with almond cream inside."

So sit down with a pastry or a croissant…

Diana Asklof: "Our butter croissant is delectable."

Pick out candy from all over Scandinavia, and — maybe take some Danishes home.. you know, for later.

Diana Asklof: "The dough basically just melts in your mouth, and it doesn’t feel heavy in your stomach, like a lot of pastries over here do. It doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. It’s just buttery, light, flaky and amazing."

Danish Pastry Hollywood Company
2031 Tyler St
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 362-4366