Daniel Radcliffe has come a long way since his days of waving a wand and casting spells. And while a lot of child stars have a hard time transitioning to adult roles, D-Rad, as Chris likes to call him, loves the path his career has taken.

Robbie Coltrane (as Hagrid): “You’re a wizard, Harry.”

Daniel Radcliffe (as Harry): “I’m a what?”

After starring in eight “Harry Potter” films — Daniel Radcliffe, and his career are all grown up.

As the boy wizard, Radcliffe knew he had the magic touch.

But he also realized his professional life after “Harry Potter” could get stuck in the wizarding world if he wasn’t smart about picking roles.

Daniel Radcliffe: “I grabbed every weird, cool opportunity I could find since ‘Potter.’ If there is a game plan, it’s that. Do as much and as varied stuff as you can.”

Some of his post Potter flicks include “Horns,” “Victor Frankenstein,” “Now You See Me 2” and he even had a small role in Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck.”

Daniel Radcliffe (as Yossi Ghinsberg): “All you have to do is keep going.”

His latest movie, “Jungle,” is based on the true story of a man who gets stranded alone in the Bolivian jungle.

Daniel Radcliffe: “When you pick a script like this, you have to want to do the hard parts as well.”

In “Jungle,” the former child star went from being stuck in water and mud to not eating so he can look emaciated — and he loved challenging himself as an actor.

Daniel Radcliffe: “Yeah, there probably a little bit of a masochist in me that like, ‘OK, lets see what you can actually deal with.'”

Radcliffe has three other movies in the works — and he isn’t taking anything for granted.

He doesn’t want roles handed to him, he would rather earn ’em.

Daniel Radcliffe: “I actually want to audition and enjoy the process of auditioning ’cause I don’t have to do it a lot. All the actors out there that have to do it all the time will literally hate me for saying that and they would be right, so I apologize to them.”

From “How to Succeed in Business” on Broadway to “Harry Potter” on the big screen … it looks like success hasn’t gone to Daniel Radcliffe’s head, he’s thriving on it and finding his way in the Hollywood jungle.

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