Dancing at Fred Astaire Studios

If you’re asking Lynn to dance, just know that she’s going to lead. She visited what some say is the last place on earth — where the man is in charge… and she kinda had a hard time with that.

Most everyone thinks they can dance… that’s not dancing…

I’m learning the Rumba.

At the award winning Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Coral Gables, they say they can teach anyone to dance.    

Vladamir Kosarev: "Now you put your right leg back…"

Lynn Martinez: "I’m dyslexic."

Vladamir Kosarev: "And we go one, two, one, two — that’s the rocking action."

What do I do again?

Vladamir Kosarev: "So we go side together."

Lynn Martinez: "Oh wait."

Vladamir Kosarev: "It would be nice if you listened to me."

Lynn Martinez: "OK, I’m trying."

Vladamir Kosarev: "Follow my voice. Side together back, then side together back."

Lynn Martinez: "Did you just yell at me?"

Vladamir Kosarev: "Did you like it?"

Lynn Martinez: "Yes… no I didn’t."

After listening to my partner — I start to get this side "zogether" thing.

Vladamir Kosarev: "Side, together back, side together forward. Side together and boom."

Lynn Martinez: "Oh my God!"

Vera Kosarev: "We not only teach dance but we really want to make sure people get more out of it."

Owners Vera and Vladamir are getting everyone ready for the upcoming American Cancer Society’s Dancing for a Cause Gala. Ana, the chair of the event, started dancing at Fred Astaire three years ago after she recovered from cancer.

Lynn Martinez: "What have they taught you here?"

Ana Ortega: "Mainly self-confidence."

Lynn Martinez: "So, you’re shy but you’re gonna dance in front of 800 people in front of the gala? How are you gonna handle that?"

Ana Ortega: "I don’t know."

Regardless of talent, Vera and Vlad say dancing improves relationships and sex.

Vera Kosarev: "Definitely couples they’ve told us we’ve saved their marriage for sure, so it forces them to touch the whole lesson."

Lynn Martinez: "Even if they’re not good?"

Vera Kosarev: "You don’t realize, I’m serious, even just little things, like holding hands, that we don’t really think about, we do it all day but it’s important."

Lynn Martinez: "Has dancing improved your sex life?"

Vladamir Kosarev: "I’m not sure you can improve our sex life."

Lynn Martinez: "Oh my God!"
Wow — then let’s keep dancing! Salsa’s all in the hips, Vlad says.

I’m sweating… now the waltz.

Vladamir Kosarev: "Well, we have a control freak here."


Now to the pros… whoosh… I’ll have what they’re having.

The American Cancer Society’s annual gala is this Saturday at the JW Marriott Marquis on Biscayne Boulevard.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios
4008 Aurora St.
Coral Gables; Miami Fl 33146
(305) 443-0085