This is music to our ears. A new club has opened its doors in SoFlo.

In this joint, the beat goes on forever and the party never ends. It’s a perfect example of what happens when you create the right “Kemistry.”

Fort Lauderdale night life just got a big shot in the arm. Kemistry Nightclub is ready to do business.

Angel Candelaria: “Kemistry Nightclub is the newest nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. We’re very focused on electronic music.”

The guys in charge really know what you want when it comes to late-night action.

Angel Candelaria: “What’s gonna separate us is our attention to detail since all the partners are promoters, we’re all about the experience customers will have an immersive experience.”

Other clubs play electronic dance music, but you’ve never heard or felt EDM the way you will at Kemistry.

Angel Candelaria: “Our sound lights and production is the best in Fort Lauderdale, bar none.

Kemistry was created to shine a spotlight on EDM and return it to its former glory as the music of the night.

Angel Candelaria: “That is what my partners and I we all love, we’ve been doing it for a lot of years and we feel like Fort Lauderdale needs a club that is more focused on that than anything else. But lately, it has kinda fallen off so we feel like we can bring that back.”

The idea is to make the Fort Lauderdale music scene as good, if not better, than its neighbor to the south.

Angel Candelaria: “I think Miami has kind of taken the reins for electronic music now and the Fort Lauderdale thing kinda fell off. The people in Broward are dying for a place where they don’t have to drive to go hear world-class deejays.”

You’ll dance, you’ll party, you’ll drink. There are specialty cocktails waiting for you here.

Angel Candelaria: “The Big Bang is our mango margarita with tequila and fresh ingredients. The Pink Molecule has Mezcal, cilantro and watermelon.”

They also offer up a smokey concoction named after a notorious television character.

Angel Candelaria: “The Walter White contains gin fresh cucumber and fresh mint.”

Whether you brave it out on the dance floor or hang out upstairs above the action, you’ll get the Kemistry Nightclub experience full-on.

Angel Candelaria: “Our venue, it may seem large, but it’s very intimate. Also, no matter where you are in the club, you get to have a good sight line of the deejay, you’ll get to hear the deejay and you’ll be close enough where you can feel like you’re part of the party.”

Kemistry Nightclub

307 SW 2nd St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


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