Shireen seems to remember that Chris interviewed Dakota Johnson before. His “Bad Times at the El Royale” interview was his first with her since the interview with Dakota and Leslie Mann for the movie “How to Be Single” went viral. Remember this?

Leslie Mann: “Can you take off your shirt?”

Chris Van Vliet: “Which one?”

Dakota Johnson: “All of them.”

Leslie Mann: “All of it!”

Chris Van Vliet: “Sure! We can start with the jacket here, if I do it seductively.”

Leslie Mann: “One button. How about two buttons? Two buttons.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Two more buttons?”

Leslie Mann: “Yes, otherwise we won’t speak.”

Dakota Johnson: “Yeah.”

Chris Van Vliet: “This is like you’re bribing me. OK, how about now? That’s a lot.”

*Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson raise two fingers, point downward*

Chris Van Vliet: “One what? So we’re going to do the interview like this?”

*Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson reference to opening the shirt*

Leslie Mann: “OK.”

*All laugh*

This was two years ago. Dakota definitely remembered. The second I walked in the room for this latest interview, she looked at me with this shocked look and said, “Umm, didn’t I ask you to take your shirt off the last time I saw you?”

Dakota Johnson: “Me and Leslie Mann sexually harassed you, and I apologize.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Thank you, I appreciate that. It was the most fun interview of my career.”

Jon Hamm: “Glad it’s out there.”

Look, she didn’t have to apologize because as you could see, I was a very willing participant.

So Dakota, this one’s for you!

*Picture of Chris with shirt off*

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