‘Dads’ documentary marks directorial debut for Bryce Dallas Howard

Father’s Day is Sunday. If you hurry you can still go on Amazon and get a tie delivered in time, or you could make some time to watch a documentary about how hard it is being a papa. Bryce Dallas Howard is talking about her directorial debut dedicated to dads.

Patton Oswalt: “You get the tiniest window, and then, it’s gone.”

What does it take to be a dad?

Jimmy Kimmel: “You’re only as happy as your family, so you’re very vulnerable.”

That question’s explored in the new documentary “Dads.”

And the person behind the project may surprise you.

Chris Pratt (as Owen): “So, uh, are you dating like an accountant now?”

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard, known for her roles in movies like “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” teamed with Apple TV to celebrate the modern day dad.

Ron Howard: “Hello, I’m Ron Howard.”

Bryce’s own dad is legendary movie producer and director Ron Howard.

When she first told him about her idea, here’s what he said.

Bryce Dallas Howard: “‘No, no, no, nobody wants to see the movie that is Bryce saying, ‘I love my dad,’ and I heard him, but while I was filming, I kept saying, ‘We need an expecting father.'”

But Bryce convinced her father.

Reed Howard: “That’s been absolutely my worry.”

And her brother, who was expecting a baby, to be part of the film.

Bryce Dallas Howard: “If nothing else, to contextualize my brother’s story, to include my grandfather, and ultimately, my dad.”

The project is Bryce’s directorial debut.

She even got celebrity dads involved.

Will Smith: “Now, this dude lives here forever.”

Bryce says the loss of her grandfather inspired the documentary.

Bryce Dallas Howard: “So much of his legacy was who he was as a father and a grandfather and a great grandfather.”

The good, bad and the funny of fatherhood is definitely the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day.

“Dads” will be streaming on Apple+ on Friday.

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