Let’s be honest: We love going shopping at the mall, but sometimes parking there can be a chore. Sure, you can valet or even get a ride over, but usually you want to drive yourself, and when you do, you always want that spot right in front.

At the mall, you might spend more time looking for a parking spot than you do shopping … until now. At Dadeland Mall in Kendall, instead of looking for a spot, you can now use your smartphone.

Dadeland is the first mall in Florida to have MyPark.

Luis Mayendia, MyPark: “MyPark is an app. It’s free to download, and it allows users to find and reserve the best parking spaces at the mall.”

This is good if you’re on a lunch break, have a dinner reservation or if you just don’t want to walk that far.

Maria Prado, Dadeland Mall: “Dadeland Mall is offering MyPark because we’re looking for innovative ways to service our shoppers.”

There are 30 MyPark reserved spots, in five sections of Dadeland’s parking lot.

Luis Mayendia: “When you open the app, it will show you the locations where MyPark is offered. The closest location to you will always come up on the list.”

The app assigns a parking spot. Once you drive up to your spot, tap a button on the app that will lower the MyPark device.

Luis Mayendia: “The device, when it’s lowered, is less than three inches tall, so any low-riding car can easily park on top of it.”

The cost for this premium parking is $3 for the first two hours, and then $3 every hour after that.

Luis Mayendia: “Once you are ready to leave, you drive away. The device knows you have left and closes the session, comes back up and sends you an email receipt.”

You can reserve MyPark on your way to the mall, or book it six months in advance.

Byron Serrano: “It alleviates stress and driving around looking for a parking spot and following other customers and making them freak out.”

Maria Prado: “This is about out helping people who have busy lives and want to come in and out.”

Deco fans, you’re in luck! MyPark has a promo code for first-time users. When you download the app, use the promo code MYPARK1 for free parking.


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