Customers stop for more at Brgr Stop

The burger game in Broward just got better. At this spot, you can get it your way … but we promise their way is so much better.

Brgr Stop in Coconut Creek is changing the way Broward does burgers.

Michael Buchinski, owner: “Brgr Stop is special because we have a lot of unique, cool foods here — kind of like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory meets a hamburger place.”

From the giant — and I mean giant — pretzel to the candied bacon bucket, the food is fun and funky, but it’s the burgers that have people stopping in.

Bryan Peugh, customer: “It’s creative, something different. You can come here and get your everyday burger, or you can get something out of the box.”

Sure you can get an angus beef patty with or without cheese, but they’ve got over a dozen other unique burgers combos.

Michael Buchinski: “The Mac Daddy is candied bacon, our Jalapeno Mac and Cheese, on our 1855 Angus Burger with sweet rootbeer Sriracha barbecue sauce.”

The La Loca is coated with sweet chili Doritos and fried … then topped with peppers and more crushed Doritos.

Michael Buchinski: “It’s an explosion of sweet and heat and crunchy and different textures in your mouth. It’s really something special. Everyone who has it falls in love with it.”

And here — you can get a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich or get PB&J on your burger.

Michael Buchinski: “Our 1855 Angus blend on a seeded challah bun, a tomato jam, candied bacon and Skippy peanut butter. It’s sweet and savory. It has a unique flavor.”

Speaking of peanut butter…

Michael Buchinski: “We have fried peanut butter balls, which is deep fried Skippy peanut butter coated with bread crumbs sitting on a bed of Nutella. It is heaven on a plate.”

Even the cereal milkshakes get Brgr Stop’s special treatment.

Milk that had your favorite cereals soaking in it overnight is mixed with more cereal and ice cream, blended and then topped with whipped cream and even more cereal.

Michael Buchinski: “It’s like bottom of a bowl of cereal from when you were a kid, so it brings you back to your childhood. It is really something special.”

They’re also shaking things up with favorite kid treats.

Michael Buchinski: “We wanted to do milk shakes that were different than everyone else, so we do Nutty Bar milkshakes, Little Debbie milkshake, we do all kinds of things people don’t see on a daily basis.”

From the food, to drinks, to the fun and funky decor — Brgr Stop will have you stopping back for more.


Brgr Stop
4301 Coconut Creek Pkwy.
Coconut Creek, FL 33066
(954) 975-8459

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