Custom-made Lit Headphones fit for a princess

We’re all about self-confidence here at Deco — and that means feeling like the queen you deserve to be. But who knew that sense of empowerment could come from a pair of headphones? Your royal transformation is just an online order away.

These headphones are lit!

Lisa Campbell, owner: “Lit Headphones are headphones fit for royalty … They are paradise for every princess.”

Lit Headphones are the brainchild of South Florida’s Lisa Campbell.

Lisa Campbell: “The Bose headphones and the Beats headphones — they all cater to men. I wanted something that catered to women.”

She makes each one herself, but the first step involves you.

Your noggin, to be exact.

Lisa Campbell: “You need to know your head measurements from the top of one ear, over your head, to the top of the other ear, because they’re not adjustable. They’re custom made for each individual purchaser.”

Then the process of actually making them is tedious … and long. Like three to four hours, which is why a Lit Headphone will run you $500.

Lisa Campbell: “It definitely takes a very long time to make each pair because I want it to be made perfectly.”

So here’s the condensed, easy-for-TV version of how it’s done.

She breaks down the headphone so only the earphones are left. She lines the earphones with fabric, then connects a headband and tiara.

Then she takes rhinestones…

Lisa Campbell: “And embellish it in whatever style that you like.”

Styles to choose from include Crystal Palace, Winter Palace, Black Queen, Winter Queen and Purple Reign.

Lisa Campbell: “There’s basically a pair for everyone.”

Shelly Vilsaint: “When you’re a kid, you have little princess parties and this and that, but as you grow older, you don’t have a chance to be a princess anymore. And then you have these headphones; they make you feel like you’re royalty.”

Lisa says people are so focused on how beautiful the headphones are — they forget they actually do play audio.

Lit Headphones

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