Cups O’ Fun

Cheeky, sarcastic and really cool sayings I can finally get on board with — served with a side of morning coffee by #SheMugs. Oh, and after 5pm, “Cups O’ Fun” could be filled with something a little stronger. #JustSaying 😉

I may look like a frilly girl with my love of fashion and all, but when it comes to my personality, I’m pretty much a straight shooter. As a journalist, I have to have thick skin and somewhat of a sarcastic sense of humor because let’s face it, sometimes the world sucks and a good laugh can help you get through the BS of it all.

That’s why I’m totally digging the new online coffee cup company, SheMugs. They’ll slap anything on a #CupOfJoe and I do mean anything. Quirky sayings, pop culture quotes, even your deep-seated thoughts and believe you me, I have some pretty good ones or would that be bad ones? 😂

The first time I read some of their mug logos on Instagram, I howled with laughter and found myself talking out loud to my phone saying things like: “Exactly!” and “Oh, hellzzz to the yezzzz.” SheMugs doesn’t just say what you’re thinking, they manage to come up with things you didn’t even know you needed to say, but actually do. Lol. Does that make sense? The concept isn’t just fun, it’s refreshing. Especially in our “post a positive saying or inspirational quote” social media society.

Speaking of, there’s nothing I hate more than one of those cheesy spiritual posts telling me to “Love Myself” or “Be the person nobody thought I could be.” Blah, blah, blah. It’s the fastest way for me to unfollow someone. I get it, you need it for yourself, but why do I have to hear what your therapist is telling you? Or what you’re trying to extract from the universe yourself?

I’m all about positivity, but societal pressures are enough, I don’t want to see it on my feed, too. I need a healthy dose of realism that can help me cope with oversleeping, stubbing a toe, breaking a nail; you know — life stuff. Emotional & spiritual exploration isn’t going to help me meet my writing deadlines or get me through a 12-hour, non-stop day. For me…

SheMugs has those secret feel-good ingredients. It makes me laugh, it makes me smile; it takes the sting out of everyday life. It even gives new meaning to the simple pleasure of a great cup of coffee, tea, wine, sake, even vodka? I’m not judging. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, they customize personal sayings, mottos or, in my case, tagline: #ShireensFavoriteThings. The mugs themselves are great quality, too, or I wouldn’t put my name on one.

In full disclosure, there’s another reason I’m crazy about these cups. The company was created by my good friend, Jessie Neft-Swinger, who also happens to be the Digital Editor of my blog. She’s a computer guru, but sitting behind a desk all day was starting to zap her juju, so she came up with the idea of SheMugs and I have to tell you, I think it’s bloody brilliant. I’ve known Jessie a long time and even watched her get married on a beautiful December day. I cried because seeing people happy and in love is incredibly special and so is “Cups O’ Fun” and that’s why it’s one of my Favorite Things. Cheers! (literally).

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“I’m not one to brag, but I totally got out of bed today” — SheMugs

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All coffee cups by SheMugs
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Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger — Creator of SheMugs
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