We have one season in Miami: sunshine! And because of that, folks can wear all types of things 365 days a year. This weekend is special because runners get to wear their underwear as their outerwear. Let’s just be happy it’s not cold in SoFlo.

Lace up and strip down. It’s time for Cupid’s Undie Run.

Priscilla Perez, Cupid’s Undie Run: "The Undie Run is a mile-ish run that is happening in Wynwood on February 13th where we expect our runners to come out in their bedroom best."

A mile-ish isn’t exactly a measurement, and it’s not exactly a mile.

Priscilla Perez: "A mile-ish is a Miami mile, and we say that because our race is more of a fun race."

The run through Wynwood starts and finishes at Northwest Second Avenue and Northwest 22nd Lane.

Priscilla Perez: "Anyone that fundraises $250 has access to a VIP open bar for the duration of the event."

And don’t worry. You don’t need to be a runner.

Iris Valdes, Cupid’s Undie Run: "If you are not athletic, you can run, walk, skip, jog. Whatever it is to make that mile-ish run."

You just can’t be shy.

Iris Valdes: "It’s a four-hour party with a 10-minute run sandwiched in between it. It’s a fun cause to raise awareness."

We don’t really need a reason to go around in our skivvies in the 305, but the Undie Run is for a good cause.

Priscilla Perez: "We are raising funds for a disease called NF, which is a disease called neurofibromatosis."

And, there is a point to showing off your intimates.

Priscilla Perez: "The reason why we run in our underwear is because people that are affected with NF have no choice when it comes to hiding their tumors. So, for one day, we expose ourselves to relate to them and let them know we are supporting them."

The annual event takes place around Valentine’s Day in 36 cities in the U.S. and in three cities in Australia.

And now, SoFlo gets to take it off in order to take off running.

Priscilla Perez: "The run started in 2008 in Washington, D.C. This is the first time it’s come to Miami."

Just remember: For this event, less is more, but not that much less.

Priscilla Perez: "No G-stings, no pasties. This is kind of PG. It’s for the kids, we just hope they are not watching us that day."


Cupid’s Undie Run

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