Culinary Community for Camillus House

There’s something special starting Sunday and going on until the day before Thanksgiving. Every week, Sunday through Thursday, you get to eat and help those in need — all at the same time.

Eating for a good cause? I’m in!

Susan Brustman: “It’s a coming together of a community that is used to feeding people, so this is something close to their heart.”

Eating for a fraction of the cost?

Did I mention … I’m in?

Susan Brustman: “It’s called Culinary Community for Camillus House and it’s a group of wonderful iconic restaurants, 16 in total, all over SoFlo, that are offering two course lunches and/or two course dinners. The lunch is $15 and the dinner is $25.”

Five percent of the proceeds will benefit the Camillus House.

Sam Gil: “We’re very excited that we’re going to raise awareness, not only for the poor, but also raise much needed funds.”

Participating restaurants include Timo in Sunny Isles.

Timothy Andriola: “Timo is an Italian restaurant; we’ve been here going on 14 years, and it’s a ittle bit more of a modern version of an Italian resturant.”

So — think fresh salads, wood fire pizzas, a butternut squash stuffed pasta…

Federico Villegas: “Very nutty and creamy, very good. I ate more than half of it by myself.”

There’s a slow braised pork shoulder with creamy Parmesan risotto.

And — lamb meatballs braised in red wine.

Timothy Andriola: “And we’ll serve it with a bit of goat cheese gnudi and a rosemary crumble on top.”

Another spot in the program — the River Seafood and Oyster Bar in Downtown Miami.

David Bracha: “Obviously, we’re known for seafood although we offer other items. We’ve been around 14 years. We source the best possible fish we can get our hands on.”

Here you can get some fresh sashimi, a crispy skin snapper or some delicious home-made squid ink pasta.

David Bracha: “This is the quintessencial seafood dish. It’s a classic dish from Italy that they usually make with linguini. We took it a step further and use our own squid ink tagliatelle.”

They’ll add some sea urchin roe and crab meat, yum.

To start — we suggest the saked drenched steamed mussles. Delish with coconut milk and fresh herbs.

John Guiteras: “I think the deal is exceptional. The food is fabulous, the service is great so highly recommended.”

So many options … so little time.

Susan Brustman: “Every time you eat, you get to change the lives of somebody less fortunate, so it’s really a great feeling all the way around.”


Culinary Community for Camillus House

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