Cuddle Clones turns precious pets into adorable stuffed animals

Cloning animals is quite the scientific achievement. It’s also — let’s be honest here — a tad creepy. We found a company that does the same thing, kind of — but it’s much less scientific, and a lot less freaky. Get ready for cuteness overload.

Whoa! We’re seeing double here, and so are these pets. It’s all thanks to Cuddle Clones.

Jennifer Williams, co-founder, Cuddle Clones: “We make custom products of your pet, and our flagship product is a very cute and accurate stuffed animal.”

Amazing! The Kentucky-based company also makes everything from blankets and portraits to Christmas stockings, even slippers.

And the ordering process is super simple.

Jennifer Williams: “Our customers visit our website and give us a bunch of pictures and choose all kinds of customization options, and then in a few weeks, your custom product of your fur baby is at your door.”

We can thank the co-founder’s beautiful Great Dane, Rufus, for the inspiration of Cuddle Clones. Rufus is no longer with us, but this story has a sweet ending.

Jennifer Williams: “This is his stuffed double. Yeah, so he gets to still be with me every day.”

There ya go. These can be gifts for a loved one or yourself — and it’s not just dogs and cats that you can get a clone of.

Jennifer Williams: “We’ve done anything from ferrets to chinchillas to lizards and fish, so any kind of pet.”

Back to the assortment of products. We mentioned they made slippers, right? I’m kind of obsessed with slippers — almost as much as I’m obsessed with my baby bear, Rigby.

Lynn Martinez: “Hey, Shireen, I have a question — oh, my gosh! These slippers are so cute! They look just like Rigby!”

Shireen Sandoval: “I just got them. They’re amazing. They’re the best gift I’ve ever received — I mean, besides Rigby, of course.”

Lynn Martinez: “These are so cute, I gotta take a picture. So cute.”

Shireen Sandoval: “Wait, wait, is that your cat on your phone cover?”

Lynn Martinez: “Yeah, this is Kitty! Isn’t this cute? I just got this as a gift, too!”

Shireen and Lynn (in unison): “What a coincidence.”

Rigby, well, he wasn’t as thrilled.

Shireen Sandoval: “What do you think? Does that look like you? (laughs) I don’t know if he’s impressed.”

One day, he’ll learn to love himself.

There are many more adorable Cuddle Clone products that we didn’t get to.

Cuddle Clones

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