Crystal Skye flies luxury to new heights

Most frequent fliers are excited when the flight attendant hands them that extra pack of pretzels. Shh, don’t tell anyone. But one private plane is upping the game big time.

A luxury liner landed in SoFlo today — and forget flight attendants … this thing’s got butlers.

Chris Van Vliet: “There it is — Crystal Skye, the most luxurious private plane in the world. So how luxurious is it? Lets find out.”

Crystal Cruises is known for being the most luxurious cruise line and now that luxury is taking flight!

Edie Rodriguez, CEO of Crystal Cruises: “We’re on board a one-of-a-kind aircraft — Crystal Aircruises Crystal Skye. It’s the most luxurious private charter aircraft available for up to 88 guests.”

From the second you board Crystal Skye, you’ll see it’s like no other plane you’ve ever been on. I mean, how about those seats?

Edie Rodriguez: “Each of those seats come with a 24-inch monitor, unlimited Wi-Fi phone calls anywhere in the world, a myriad of entertainment and even live TV.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t even see you there. Now what’s the biggest complaint on airplanes other than crying babies of course? Leg room! Not a problem here. I can’t even really touch. And when you get tired, all you have to do is lay down and grab some Z’s. I’m a snorer, by the way.”

There are no flight attendants here. Instead there are 20 sky butlers who speak a combined 35 different languages — and they’re there to cater to your individual wishes during the flight.

Edie Rodriguez: “Is there really any other way anyone would want to travel?”

Sure, you can fly anywhere in the world, but it’ll cost you. Flights start at $55,000 per hour and go up from there depending on which options you choose.”

Chris Van Vliet: “And when you gotta go, you get to go in luxury and tell me, what other plane can you stick your arms out in the bathroom and not touch?”

There’s also a lounge with a fully stocked bar and of course, some gourmet food.

Chris Van Vliet: “And I know you don’t have your typical airplane food here.”

Edie Rodriguez: “No we don’t. We have an incredible chef, so this is the kind of aircraft where we ask the guests before they come on what they would like to eat when they are on board.”


Crystal Aircruises Crystal Skye

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