Crown your locks with stylish headbands from Rock + Bone

Everyone wants to turn heads when they get dressed. There’s a look for your locks that will do just that.

We’re talking about ultra-chic headbands! They’re fun, fashionable and celebs are loving the look!

Here’s a trend that is heads above the rest: Headbands!

Alejandra Kelly: “A headband is a beautiful piece of accessory that goes over your head and it accentuates your face.”

Chrissy Teigen, Candace Cameron Bure and Jessica Alba all wear them.

Even my sidekick, Shireen, loves the look.

For Rock + Bone in Miami, headbands are their crowning achievements.

Alejandra Kelly: “Rock + Bone is a handmade statement brand. We make beautiful accessories.”

With so many options from braided fabric to a top knot made of pearls, what’s not to love?

Alejandra Kelly: “We currently have satin-like headbands, velvet and pearl headbands. We have pieces that are solid tones such as black, gold, all blue. But we also like to use different prints.”

Whether you can wear your hair down or pulled back, adding a headband gives your look extra glam.

Plus there’s an added benefit…

Alejandra Kelly: “I feel it’s a great piece to kind of hide what might be going on up here if you haven’t been able to go to the salon, ladies.”

For even more pizazz, Rock + Bone has earrings made to match.

Alejandra Kelly: “You can definitely pair our headbands with our earrings. we have beautiful statement earrings that pair beautifully. ”

And trust me no one else will be having what you have.

Alejandra Kelly: “They are unique pieces. No piece can look the same as any other piece.”



Rock + Bone
2600 SW 27th Ave.
Miami, FL 33133

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