Crossing the Line with Alepel

If you’re looking for a way to mix up your high heel game, Alepel is building a new shoe empire. The line is a mix of architecture, design and comfort. Plus, the shoes all come with a signature twist. Tonight, "Crossing the Line" with Alepel is one of Shireen’s Favorite Things.

Lines, shapes and structures don’t just inspire cool buildings.

Shireen Sandoval: "It’s no big secret — I am a shoe girl."

It’s also the basis of Alepel shoes. Kind of like a race shoe for women. Très chic.

Adriana Epelboim, Alepel: "Intersecting architecture and fashion, into unique and comfortable designs."

We caught up with shoe designer Adriana Epelboim at the Royal Palm South Beach to talk about "Crossing the Line."

Adriana Epelboim: "We also have something unique for the brand, which is a trademark. We have a line that’s on the sole and on the back of the heel. It’s unique of Alepel."

Shireen Sandoval: "What does the line mean?"

Adriana Epelboim "So, the line is the basic symbol of every architect. We speak through lines."

The line is actually a rubber injection.

Adriana Epelboim: "So, no matter how long you wear it, it’s not going to wear out."

Although Adriana is an architect by education, she’s a shoe lover and designer by choice.

Shireen Sandoval: "How many pairs of shoes do you own?"

Adriana Epelboim "Too many. It’s never enough."

Structure, simplicity and elegance, not to mention comfort, is what Alepel aims for. The high-end shoes are 100 percent leather and handmade in Brazil.

Adriana Epelboim: "Having neutral tones with a bold accent, like a red, sometimes a yellow. A little bit of color blocking, wearing something really simple, it really gives a basic outfit a twist."

Rose gold, soft textures and mesh are a shoe-in when it comes to warm weather trends.

Adriana Epelboim: "It’s very sensual, it’s very sexy."

For the blog, dressed in 2016 spring styles from Filomena Fernandez, I worked the black, gray and orange Ilara peep toe, the beige and mesh Fil and the sexy and sassy Louri. They’re comfy enough to dance in.

Adriana Epelboim: "We think shoes are the accent of your outfit."

Get inspired by Alepel’s Runzel. Decorate it your own way with fun and artsy patchwork.

No matter how you wear Alepel, you’re "Crossing the Line" into new fashion territory. And that’s why it’s one of my favorite things.

Facebook: Alepel
Twitter: @AlepelByAdriana
IG: @alepel_byadriana

"Hi! I’m not here right now, but my shoes are, so leave them a message…"
-Carrie Bradshaw 

James Woodley Photography
Styling: Jackie Kay



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