‘The Masked Singer’ may be hanging up those crazy costumes tonight.

But Fox has already baked up another fun show to fill the void.

Crime Scene Kitchen is a cooking competition with a twist. And one SoFlo baker who made the cut is telling Deco what it takes to whip the competition.

Joel McHale: “I’m not gonna sugar coat it, but I deduce a beating has taken place.”

It’s a crime of passion. And someone’s getting their just desserts.

Joel McHale: “Welcome to Crime Scene Kitchen!”

Bakers from around the country are out to solve a sweet mystery in Fox’s new show “Crime Scene Kitchen,” hosted by Joel McHale.

Joel McHale: “A short time ago, and impressive dessert was created there. Your job is to discover the mystery dessert, and then bake it for us.”

Mother-daughter duo Carolyn and Caroline of SoFlo’s Baked 305 Miami are on the show.
And Carolyn tells Deco it’s no yolk!

Carolyn Tunon: “When you are there, and you have two hours, and you’re limited, it’s craziness!”

Contestants: “It’s orange. Oil. Ricotta. Flour. What is it? What is it?”

Carolyn Tunon: “You walk into a kitchen, and there’s clues. There could be crumbs. There could be chocolate chips. There could be some kind of a cream. You have to try to figure out what was made and you have to try to duplicate it the best that you can.”

Not everything is what it seems.
And you don’t wanna mess up in front of Mr. McHale, or judges Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp!

Carolyn Tunon: “Joel McHale is the funniest person. I mean, he’s always on. That’s just it. And you wanna really hope that you don’t screw up, because he doesn’t let you live it down.”

Joel McHale: “Oh, I berate them and then Curtis and Yolanda have to go in and apologize later.”

Baked 305 Miami is famous for its cookies and pavlova, which includes baked meringue, dulce de leche, whipped cream, and strawberries. But how would you know if this was the mystery dessert?

Carolyn Tunon: “They would probably use a whisk. Maybe a leaf from a strawberry. They might leave the condensed milk which you make dulce out of in a pot that it’s not made yet.”

Contestant: “I think they’re trying to trick us.”

Joel McHale: “Reveal the crime scene dessert.”

You can catch the premiere of “Crime Scene Kitchen” right here after “The Masked Singer” finale.

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