There’s a new trend taking root in bars and restaurants across the country. It’s called Plant Nite. Deco’s checking out the social night that lets you get your hands dirty and have a good time.

Friday night, happy hour, you know the drill. But thanks to a new event, you can take home something other than a hangover.

Veronica Fernandez, Plant Nite organizer: “Hey, guys, welcome to Plant Nite!

Introducing Plant Nite, the event that lets you grow your social skills while growing a mini-garden.

Deco hit Love Is Blind in Coral Gables and got the scoop.

Veronica Fernandez: “Plant Nite is like a creative happy hour. You get the best of both worlds. You get to come out, you get to get some drinks. What we do here is, we create a terrarium which, at the end of the night, take it home.”

Once the drinks are flowing, you get all the ingredients you need to build a blooming bowl.

From the rock base, to the soil, to the plants, called succulents.

Veronica Fernandez: “Succulents grow in the desert. The reason they’re so popular today is they require very little maintenance.”

While the plants don’t need much water, you can feel free to hydrate.

And if you’re a bit of a wallflower, Plant Nite could help you cultivate new friends.

Veronica Fernandez: “The happy hour setting, it’s great if you want to meet with friends, for example. Just want to share with them something fun. Also, it’s a different date night. How many times do you go out and just have dinner or go to a club? This is something different.”

There’s no doubt these green gardeners are digging it!

Customer 1: “Cocktails and plants? Yeah, it’s different!”

Annie Vazquez, customer 2: “I really love plants, and I find it really healing and therapeutic, so I thought it was a fun thing to do.”

You can get creative with multi-colored rocks, moss, even tiny dinosaurs.

Customer 3: “I’m really worried about what’s gonna happen here! It’s gonna be the worst terrarium tonight.”

Ah, don’t worry. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you’re sure to have a dirty good time.

Veronica Fernandez: “You get to be in touch with your inner child. How many times as adults do we get to do that?”

Get your hands dirty at the next Plant Nite, taking place March 28 at Love Is Blind.


Plant Nite

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