The Fort Lauderdale craft cocktail crowd, as we spot check this, has a brand new go-to spot. It’s a place where lights are low and spirits are high.

You are gonna love what they put in your glass and on your plate at No Man’s Land.  

No Man’s Land has upped the ante on Fort Lauderdale’s social scene.

Memphis Garrett (this man’s land): “Our goal is to really build this hideaway and have you get lost. Put down your phone and experience the senses and the food and the tastes and the environment.”

The place is located in the middle of a small shopping center in Victoria Park. It’s not exactly a location that screams “posh cocktail joint,” but don’t let that fool ‘ya.

Memphis Garrett: “I’m less worried about where exactly we’re next to or across from. “I’m more into the idea of we’re gonna bring something great.”

Once you’re inside, the seduction starts.

Memphis Garrett: “You’re gonna see four massive booths, old school booths. Something you’d see in a dark, dark bar in a back alley of London. Gold curtains across the back wall, you’re gonna see gold mirrors everywhere. Dark light chandeliers, super dim, sexy.”

All the food and drinks are created to enhance the “chill” vibe. There’s a definite connection between what’s happening in the kitchen and what’s going on at the bar.

Memphis Garrett: “So the shareable plates that basically go directly with the cocktails.”

The house “Old Fashioned” is best friends with the “Smoked Foie Gras Old Fashioned,” and the “Miami Beet” is the perfect partner to the Sous Vide Beet Salad. It’s all done for a reason.

Memphis Garrett: “Bring back that golden age of cocktails and food and good times.”

It looks like No Man’s Land is going to get that job done.

Spencer Ellena (the real deal): “The cocktails have been fantastic. The food is delicious. It brings me back to Chicago. This is a great environment.”

Chelsea Bressler (so far so great): “I love the interior. I love the back splash. I really love the bar, and so far the craft cocktails and the food have been amazing.”

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