Geographically — Florida is in the South. But, the only thing that is really southern about Florida is the latitude… till now. We found a restaurant that will have you happier than a pig in mud.

Crackers Casual Dining in Miami Springs will have you "whistling Dixie."

Jeffrey Mitnick: "It is a southern flair inspired restaurant."

This eclectic spot and its food in deep Dade county –  feels like it’s in the deep South.

Jeffrey Mitnick: "The flavor profile for southern food is something that sticks to your stomach. It’s peppery, it has a little heat to it. It’s creamy goodness country gravy."

They’ve got classics like fried green tomatoes, pan fried catfish and chicken fried chicken with all the fix’ins.

Jeffrey Mitnick: "We soak our chicken in buttermilk and then we bread it in seasoned flour. We deep fry it and it’s smothered in country gravy."

And, they’re putting twists on southern staples. The black eyed peas are fried, and the meat loaf is stacked 6 inches high.

Jeffrey Mitnick: "It’s our version of an open face meat loaf."

Even the shrimp and grits gets gussied up.

Jeffrey Mitnick: "Our shrimp and grits– we call it shrimp broth. It contains sriracha and sausage and we ladle that on bowl of grits, put the shrimp in and it’s topped with shredded cheddar cheese."

And the homemade desserts at this family-owned spot are sweeter then fresh brewed sweet tea.

Jeffrey Mitnick: "My wife makes them from scratch. She makes really eccentric things, she has layered parfait peanut butter banana pudding. She does s’more brownies, she makes any cake you can imagine."

And, it wouldn’t be southern without bread pudding… Here it’s — deep fried bread pudding

Jeffrey Mitnick: "It enhances the flavors crispy on the outside – gooey on the inside."

There are salads and such – not everything is smothered, covered, and fried– but it’s all darn tasty.

Janesa Torres: "The way everything is made the different flavors– it’s just really good."

Show up for lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch. Your stomach will thank you.

Jeffrey Mitnick: "The outside garden area is my wife’s baby, you come here on Sunday brunch. You feel like you are somewhere else."

Crackers Casual Dining
78 SW Canal St
Miami Springs, FL 33166
(786) 518-3268

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